7 Everyday Foods that Contain Unhealthy Additives

Everyone knows that industrialized foods, typical of big cities, are not really as healthy as their advertisers "describe." They contain preservatives, dyes, and a number of other substances, often even harmful to human health.
Well, without wanting to leave anyone traumatized, the truth is that care with this type of food needs to be great. Especially with those that are more likely to mix, such as sausages and dairy drinks, for example.

But anyway, going straight to the point, we will show today some news that you may not yet know about seven of these foods. It is likely that you do not love the information that we are going to present, but believe me, they are for your own good. Check out:

1. Minced meat

Gourmet Minced MEat stock photo
You never even dreamed of it, but 70% of ground beef in supermarkets contains a substance known as "Pink slime" Popularly, this corresponds to an edible additive, made from meat by-products, such as skins and other leftovers. But everything goes through a chemical treatment, to become appropriate for our (your) consumption.

2. Chicken

chicken with herbs stock photo
Did you know that chickens that grow on fringes, like those in supermarkets, are fed arsenic? In fact, for those who did not understand the astonishment, this metallic substance is considered an extremely harmful poison for the health of the human being (one gram of arsenic is enough to kill seven adult people). Regarding chickens, however, it is used as a food supplement so that the meat is pink.

3. Sausages

sausages with beans
The main filling of the beloved hot dog, or just hot dog, is produced from a mixture made of fat, pieces of meat (thousands of them), and an alloy. This last ingredient, in turn, is made from bread bran, flour, and oats.

4. Grated cheese

grated cheese on a cutting board stock photo
Everyone loves the convenience of processed foods. The case of grated cheese, then, is love only for housewives. However, in these packages, in addition to cheese, fragments of wood pulp can be found, to prevent the contents from piling up, as usually happens when it is grated at home.

5. Greek yogurt

greek yogurt with spoon photo
This type of yogurt is in fashion, and almost everyone melts for it. However, Greek yogurt generates an enormous amount of toxic waste due to its manufacturing process. Worst of all, no one knows what to do with this debris!

6. Pickled cherries

pickled cherries
Even though they are very tasty and made from natural cherries (well, in some cases not), preserves are produced from a process that removes all the natural color of the fruit. After that, they are soaked in corn-based syrup. Only then do the dyes come in (in large quantities) to make them "cherry color."

7. Honey

honey with honeycomb
This is a very tasty food and brings a lot of benefits, as long as the honey consumed is actually the product coming from the hives. Many times, what happens is that in supermarkets, honey is mixed with food additives and corn syrup. It is very rare when they have real pollen.

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