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In the last few years, creators of animation have hit the nail on the head in different areas, from politics to sports, from sciences to the world of entertainment.

Over its 30 years in the air, the futuristic predictions of The Simpsons were highlighted by the success of the visionary guesses.
For example, the United States won an unprecedented gold medal in the men's curling final during the Winter Olympics in 2018. But the American team's victory over Sweden was nothing new for The Simpsons, who even predicted their opponent in the episode of the 21st season, shown in 2010.

Check below another 9 times when reality mimicked fiction as predicted in The Simpsons:

Donald Trump as President of the United States

donald trump as president simpsons prediction
Donald Trump's victory at the American polls was "announced" by the Simpsons 20 years ago. In March 2000, a year after the billionaire first expressed his desire to run for president, the episode Bart to The Future was aired. An adult Lisa Simpson assumes the country's presidency in 2030, inheriting a huge debt contracted by Trump in the previous term.

Germany's victory at the 2014 World Cup

simpsons prediction germany cup 2014
Not even the fateful 7 to 1 was left out. In the episode You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee, aired in March 2014, a character inspired by Neymar ends up injured and leaves the game - just as he did in the game against Colombia, when he fractured a vertebra. At least in the animation, the score is less cruel: the championship ends with Germany's victory over Brazil 2-0.

Purchase of Fox by Disney

simpsons predicted disney buying 20th century fox
In a scene from the episode When You Dish Upon a Star, shown in November 1998, the facade of 20th Century Fox appears with a sign stating that the company was a Walt Disney Co division. Almost 20 years later, Disney formalized the merger from Fox studios, becoming the owner of the animation franchise.

Greece's financial crisis

greeces financial crisis predicted by the simpsons
In the episode Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson, aired in January 2013, the family patriarch is hired as a television newspaper commentator. During one of his performances, the following headline runs in the footer of the screen: "Europe puts Greece on eBay." Three years later, the country went through one of the biggest financial crises in its history.

The Nobel Prize in Economics in 2016

Simpsons betting pool nobel prize
In an episode aired in 2010, the character Millhouse bet on Bengt Holmström as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Six years later, the economist did take home the prize.

The attack on the twin towers in 2001

the simpsons predicted 9/11
For fans of conspiracies, an episode aired in 1997 would have predicted the World Trade Center attack in New York four years later. Those in favor of the theory believe that the cover of a magazine would contain a subliminal message regarding the attack: the 9 dollars next to the twin towers would represent the fateful date.

The Ebola outbreak

the simpsons ebola virus
One more for the "conspiratorial" account. Some fans believe that an episode aired in 1997 would have predicted the Ebola outbreak that hit West Africa in late 2013. Marge reads to Bart, who is ill in the animation, a book called "Curious George and the Ebola Virus."

Lady Gaga in the Super Bowl

lady gaga superbowl simpsons
In 2017, singer and songwriter Lady Gaga performed at the traditional show at the Super Bowl break, a game in the American football league. However, five years earlier, an episode of The Simpsons had already predicted Gaga's show, including props similar to the artist's real ones.

Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia

trump visits saudia arabia in simpsons episode
As if it were not enough to predict the victory of Donald Trump in the American elections in the early 2000s. In 2002, the cartoon launched an episode of Trump on a visit to the president of Saudi Arabia. In 2017, the meeting between leaders takes place

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