How do people on the TV show “My 600 lb Life” Poop? 

As silly as the whole thing sounds, still, it is something that concerns people. And that happens for a lot of valid and justified reasons. 
Before going on with the actual story from the title, let’s get you on with some basic intro stuff. After that, we’re going to jump right into the main topic. 

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The Answer 

When it comes to pooping, obese people have special toilets that will aid in releasing excrement. Often, when obese patients don't have these specially designed toilets, going poop can be very difficult. This can result in going wherever is comfortable (in a bedroom or living room and later cleaned up)

What is this show about? 

My 600 lb Life is basically a show for social awareness against obesity. Obesity, as much as we are all getting problems every now and then, (except some of the exceptional people) has far more reach into the depth of troubles than we might ever know. 

This show features patients with cases of extreme obesity. As the title suggests, the patients are even within or beyond the range of 600 lbs of weight! 

And yes, life is never easy neither comfortable for them. Not to mention the physical and life-threatening challenges that they face at all times. 
The show features the details about the problems of the patients and then works on making their lives better. It basically pays/covers for the whole cost of the life-saving surgery needed for the patients

 But the other cosmetic parts, such as removing the extra skin, removing surgery scars, etc are on the patients. 
This is basically all the intro that you need to know for now about the whole concept of the show.  

How do the patients poop? - Jeanne’s story 

Jeanne is one of the most bizarre and painful cases of the history of the show. As her weight goes way over the safety limit for a normal person, she suffers from severe back pain and leg muscle tissues.  
As reports from her house during the filming of the show, she had trouble even getting to the toilet. Her pace of movement and the overall condition of her physique made it impossible for her before making it to the toilet. Many sources claim that Jeanne would poop anywhere when needed

Cindy’s story 

Cindy started her journey with the weight loss path with a caretaker assigned for her. But as things turn out, the first one had to move out due to personal reasons, and another one was brought in. She, the second caretaker, was comparatively less competent in this case. She even made unhealthy diet management which made Cindy put on even more weight! 

Once the whole situation was assessed properly, Cindy was immediately being moved out to a competent caretaker in Texas. While filming, she couldn’t even make it inside the toilet due to her physical size and the size of the door. 
As a result, when she was walking back to the room, it was caught on camera that she pooped on the floor. 
Now, all of these were just some of the cases when things did not go the way that they expected them to go. But that was all for giving you the context about exactly what sort of issues a person faces at such stages of life.  
Let's discuss this in a more arranged manner. About how things are supposed to be and what is the process for making a person assisted in such a situation. 

Patients are taught to understand body ques 

First of all, if a person feels poop pressure, no other man can understand the pressure of the first guy at that point. It is physically impossible to feel the other person’s perspective. 

But as the show goes, some experts consult and teach the patients about learning certain signs on how to understand the pressure early. 
Certain body symptoms as feeling tingling sensations on the lower part of the body, which is never identified to be related to the pressure of poop, and so on. They are being taught about this because of a few reasons. 

First, as a person facing such severe stages of obesity, he or she would not be able to react physically on time and in a proper manner for being able to reach the toilet in time. 

Second, when a person has such fat in the body, the organs and the internal systems of that person also start to malfunction. This means a normal person would be able to hold the pressure until he makes it to the toilet. Or, he might be able to increase the speed of his movement for being able to reach there in time.  

On the other hand, a person with such type of obese situation, will also not be able to maintain a proper psychological statement inside his mind. 
All of these lead to body malfunction and unable to hold the pressure of it. 

Different types of restrooms - different layout and architecture 

In some of the cases, the patients with severe obesity have been transferred to newer facilities. Or sometimes, to the personal care of the caregiver. This is done due to two different reasons. The first one is that the special care system allows the patient for a 24/7 monitoring system. Which allows them to go to the nature school at a proper time. The second one is that, the personal caregivers, who are professional in this case. They have their settlement or the home built in a way that has wider doors and attached toilets to each of the rooms. 

This helps a person facing such type of situation to reach the toilet faster. Also, in some cases, a standard door of a room might not be enough for a person in this situation to pass through. Special facilities and special care systems allow them to roam freely with wider doors and also Assisted movement with the heart. 

The bottom line

The whole purpose of the show is to create social awareness. Despite your conditions, psychological disorders, depression, family issues. You need to take care of yourself. More often, people facing obesity face the most troublesome periods in their lives. Not in only the physical or biological way. But also, in a psychological and social order. 

Note: Keep in mind we are not associated with TLC and the show stated above. The purpose of this article is to educate /strictly for educational purposes. 

Thank you for reading :)

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