How Much Money Do Patients on 'My 600 Lb Life' Spend Daily on Food?
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You might know the program ‘my 600lb life’, and you might not. In 600lb life, people with obese (Weighing 600pounds or more) get documented trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, most of these people are so overweight that they will likely not survive if they don’t start losing weight soon. To get to 600 pounds, people must consume a lot, a lot of calories. But how do they pay for all this food? How much money would they be spending on all of this food?


A 600-pound guest consumes an average of 7000 calories a day. To afford this, they will need to find cheap foods high in calories, such as fast food. How much they spend greatly varies based on whether the food is made from scratch, is prepared store-bought meals, or bought at a fast-food restaurant. Total spending costs can range on average anywhere from $25-$100 a day


There is no one answer when it comes to the above questions. There are a few ways that people use to be able to afford the food they are consuming. As mentioned above also depends on a few factors. Are you curious?! We have the answers for you below.

How Much on Average Does Someone on my 600 lb Life Spend on Food in a day?

Before we dive deeper into how people afford a 7000 calorie diet, we will first give you an insight into the costs. 

The costs vary. This depends on if people make food from scratch, if the food is prepared store-bought meals or if they buy them at fast-food restaurants.

 A balanced meal consists of at least:

1. Proteins like: fish, meat, nuts, eggs and beans
2. Vegetables (fruits)like: Broccoli, zucchini, carrots, eggplants etc.
3. Grains like: Rice, pasta, bread etc.

Because there are so many different products, it is hard to get a simple indication of the prices.

Food from scratch

Probably the most healthy way to consume your nutrients is to buy and make your food from scratch. The downside to this is that it is not the cheapest way. Because this way of eating is so expensive, it is also named one of the main reasons in America why people are obese . Let us break it down.

How expensive or inexpensive you want the meal to be, depends on what you choose as a protein, vegetable, and grain source. To know the exact cost, you will have to divide the product price by the number of calories. Some products are more expensive and have fewer calories. It is also possible that some products are more costly but have more calories than other produce. If you want to eat as cheap as possible, you will have to get your calculator out. To help you get started, you can find more information about different produce here.  

  • Prepared store bought meals Prepared store-bought meals are often in the form of frozen meals. The great thing about them is that they contain all the protein, grains, and vitamins/vegetables you need in a serving. Often even more. The amount of calories in a prepared meal depends on the meal you choose. For example, if you want to eat a simple chicken & vegetable stir fry. This will cost about $2.50 and contains only 190 calories. So to get 7000 calories, you will have to eat about 37 servings. Multiply that by $2.50, and you are looking at a price of about $92.- If you compare that to making your food from scratch, this is a lot more affordable. 
  • Fastfood restaurant
    Everywhere you go, you can find fast food restaurants. There is some choice in food, but it often contains something like hamburgers and fried foods. As you can imagine, these products contain many calories. Getting to 7000 calories is much easier when eating fast food. 


  • A big mac combo deal contains a burger, fries, and a soda. It has 1080 calories and costs approximately $4.50 (Depending on your location and the deals). 
  • If you want to eat 7000 calories, you will eat this meal 7times. 7 x $4.50 will equal $31.50.

As you can see, the price ranges vary a lot. Starting from scratch is the most expensive way and not possible if you consume 7000 calories daily. Prepared store-bought food comes next in line. Fast food restaurants are the most affordable way of eating calories, leaving all health issues and doctor bills aside.

How do People With a 600lb Life Afford This Much Food on a Daily Basis?

As you know, food costs money. In order to afford and consume 7000 calories, there are a few tricks that will leave your wallet a little happier.

  1. Cutting costs by ordering take out(fast-food)
    The easiest way to cut costs is by eating at fast-food restaurants. As mentioned above, for only $4.50, you can consume over 1000 calories in one meal. That is only one example of the many different fast-food restaurants and the options on their menu. Getting take out at a fast-food restaurant will save you lots of money
  2. Fat enabling family members buy it for them
    Some family members turn a blind eye and feed their family lots of food with numerous calories. In the tv show ‘my 600lb life’, you will see many examples of this. It is often the caretaker of the family that provides the food. They bring home donuts, fast-food meals, cakes, cookies, etc. If a fat enabling family member is buying the food, they don’t have to buy it all themselves. Having this kind of family member will also make a 7000 calorie diet a lot more affordable.
  3. Money is inherited
    To be able to afford a 7000 calorie diet, you will need money one way or another. Some people have more money than others. For example, this can be because they inherited this money from someone. If you have more money in your bank account, worrying about affording food won't be a big deal.
  4. They work from home
    Another way to afford a 600lb lifestyle is by working from home. In the end, every penny helps. If you work from home, you won’t have the costly travel expenses of a car, bus, or train. Also, the energy you would burn traveling to your destination won’t be lost—resulting in gaining weight quickly. You just easily order your food online and let it get dropped off at your door.
  5. Getting disability pay from the government
    Most people that weigh over 600lb will have some disability. Walking and getting up can become a struggle. If you have a disability, you can apply for disability pay from the government. The money can again be spent on food.

To live, we need food. To consume 7000 calories, we need money. We hope you have a better idea of how food becomes more affordable and how much food costs after reading this article on How do People on: my 600 lb life , Afford Food And How Much on Average do They Spend Daily?


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Valerie Tarus

Valerie Tarus

I’m on disability from last stage osteoarthritis and bone disorder that blood does not flow to joints causing the skeleton to die. Im only 110 lbs and 5’5”. I also have a small pension. I have to get meals on wheels due to unable to cook. I need assistance to just stand. I cannot take a step without my walker. Im also 64. I don’t qualify for food assistance. My income is a little over their limit.

Now, I cannot afford to shop for food. My home has a small amount. I do treat myself to a pie or cake. It does get expensive to get fast food also. Chinese food is cheaper with left overs. From what I see on these obese shoes the amount they eat, shovel, into their mouths has to cost a enormous amount of money. I do see enablers bringing 5 bags of fast food. That’s expensive. It just baffles me how they afford the intake they have. Six eggs and half pound bacon with home fries and biscuits most mornings is costly. Bacon alone is expensive. Im just amazed. I don’t remember the last time my frig was full or food cabinet. I saw a women eat 4 bags of fast food one morning. It was nonstop shoveling it in without taking a breath. That bill had to be $50 easy. Maybe more. Everything was extra large. I’ve gone without food some days. It disgust me to see the amount eaten in one sitting. Or to see them eat laying down in bed. Not even sit up. I saw a women eat a entire pizza pie and large order wings with bread knots and 4 other large container dishes with food. Im full after one and a half slices. I just wish I had a enabler bring me grocery bags of food.

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