Why is Domino's Pizza so Stinking Good? | This May Shock You!

Pizzas. One of the biggest marvels of culinary science. An average American consumes at least 15 pizza slices on a month. Don’t forget that this number is just the “average”. Which means that some people are going to get this number much higher in their lives. 

Let along the stats go for the best pizza eater, there are far more things that make a pizza one of the most sought food items in the world. 
Apart from nations from Asia, where rice has the most popularity, western nations consume pizza more than anything else in the list. 

In this article, we will be looking at one of the most popular names in the history of pizza industry. And that is “Domino’s Pizza” 

What makes this one so special and different from the others? Why is it so good? Is it really worth the money? 
We will be answering all of the questions that you might have about the whole name of Domino’s pizza. Stick to the end of this article, and you might know something that you have never imagined! 

Domino’s - How the KING OF PIZZA made their debut in the market 

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The whole story starts way back in the starting of 60’s. It was basically an existing pizza chain naming Dominick’s. In 1960, two brothers bought this place from the existing owner and then started with their own investment. 

After a couple of months, the current owner managed to purchase two more locations in the same county as a restaurant place. Within a really short time, he realized that he could make the other two places as a branch or a division of the first/ main restaurant that he had. 

As much as the current owner wanted to carry on with the existing brand name, the previous owner Declined to the approval of this request. hence one knew employee of them suggested the name Domino's. And the current owner liked it pretty much and started his restaurant chain with three sections in the name of Domino's. 

international exposure 

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Ever since 1965, Domino's has been constantly purchasing new places and expanding the business within the United States. Up until 12th may 1983, Domino's opened their first international store in Canada. In the same year, Domino's opened its 1000th store. 

At this point, Domino's has been constantly upgrading and growing on a regular basis. You might be wondering that a plague or a disease grows faster. But trust me, there is no thing that has grown faster than Domino's Pizza chain. 

What makes Domino's Pizza unique? 

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The first thing that I'm going to say is fresh ingredients. In every single day that they are working, they always use a fresh batch of sauce. And also, they always keep the ingredients in a separate container. It makes sure that all of the ingredients have their aroma and capability well stored. 

They use their own, personalized and unique way of identifying the products that can be categorized as “specialty”. 

If you compare with any other existing pizza chain, which also has quite a good reputation, you will see that Domino's has a crispiness in their pizza crust. Now it doesn't totally mean that the whole thing is “crunchy” like a bag of potato chips. But it has a certain and subtle crispiness on the borders of the crust which make it even more tasty and appealing to the eyes. 

Road to Popularity

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Instead of just focusing on how good the restaurants look or how much it approaches the customer, Domino's also focuses on their cooking quality. With all of the elements of marketing and production combined, Domino's maintains a proper chain. 

Unlike other businesses, which are constantly trying to overdo themselves. The main priority of Domino's is that to maintain the basic standard that they already have.

They prioritize the fact of maintaining the standard over anything else. 
Domino's only upgrade or change any of their methods when they are 100% sure that the existing method or its effectiveness will still be at play even though the new method fails. 

Why Domino's is so special? 

There are other popular pizza chains such as Papa John's or Pizza Hut and so on. None of them are bad. None of them are anything that should be ignored. But what makes Domino's so special is their marketing and sales strategy. Apart from the amazing cooking quality and the expertise of the chefs that they hire. Domino's also focuses on what the customer actually wants. 

Domino's gives the customer the liberty of mixing and matching different items for their food collection and also to select the toppings of the pizzas according to their preferences. Unlike other popular pizza chains, which only focus on pizza and have less positive review on their other items, Domino's tried their best to make sure that all of the items in their list are getting just the proper and perfect taste and quality. 

If I want to give you an example on this, Pizza Hut, might be really good on their pizzas. But all the other items in Pizza Hut are not quite as much as praised as their pizza. 

On the other hand, if you go to Domino's, you order a pizza for you and your body, and then suddenly decide that you want a hot dog or a cheese pie as well first up you can be confident that it is going to be equally good as their pizza.

Willing to change and adapt to the modernization 

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There are lot of traditional pizza restaurants. Which, of course focus on their quality. But, they also try to uphold the classic “Italian” tradition in their style of cooking and serving. 

Which is of course, commendable. But sometimes, the commendable thing is not always what the customer actually wants. Right here, is where Domino's make the biggest difference of them all. 

Just because of the changing world and the tradition of the younger generation, Domino's decided to completely revamp its 49-year-old pizza recipe. Which is literally unique in the whole culinary industry. Because if you look at any of the restaurant chains, they try to stick to their popular recipes as much as possible to play their cards say. 

But Domino's, as much as keeping their safe pattern, are also open to exploring new opportunities and new patterns. 

Things that set Domino's far apart from their competition 

We do realize that the traditional pizza recipe is basically the pizza sauce and the pepperoni and the cheese and the dough itself. But, not every single person like the traditional thing. Like, if I were to serve you a really traditional Italian pasta, without all the spices and all the tanginess, there's a high chance that you wouldn't like it. 

Because we, as the people of this generation, like a little bit of tweak of that pasta. We like that little bit of spice sprinkled on top of everything. I do recognize that taste might vary from person to person. But that's not exactly my point. What Domino's does is that it understands the customer that surrounds each of its branches. 

Like, in the western region of the United States, they like everything a little bit of on the hotter side. So you would find that Domino's in the western sides might be serving a little bit extra spice on top of their every single ingredient. In the Domino's chain in India, you will get the traditional touch of a little bit of Indian spices. 

They will not change the basic pattern. But they will have just a little touch of the signature of the place that they are serving. 
These small and subtle things make Domino's far better than any of its competition. 

It's all about accuracy!

 First of all, Domino's work way too much on their crusts. They work really hard to research and come up with just the ideal amount of ingredients and temperature to get that signature slight crunchy crust that is not too crunchy or hard and not too soft like a bread. 

The second thing that comes is their personalization of items. Domino's put too much attention on the exact amount of precision for each of the ingredient. Which means, every employee of every branch of Domino's work all night as a specific shift. And their job is to Measure the exact amount of ingredient to the milligram for each pizza that is required. 

Which means that, Domino's will prepare around 100 or 200 or 300 crusts in terms of ingredients. They will have the specific amount of ingredients ready in separate containers. Which means that they are able to achieve the same amount of accuracy and level of taste that they require. 


It is never wise to say that Domino's is the best. Or, there is no other pizza chain that should be is it to get your pizza. There might be even a local restaurant that is not a national brand. Which might be able to make better pizzas than Domino's. 
What we're trying to say is that, if you are going for the traditional brand that most people use, Domino's is one of the best that you are going to get. And it's convenient too.  

 Disclaimer: We are not associated / partnered with dominos in a way shape or form, this article is for educational purposes only 

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