4 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life if You Live Alone

Going from living with your parents to living alone can sometimes seem complicated, and surely the first few days will be chaos. Don't worry, it's normal, we've all been there. With experience, I have learned a few tricks to move the house forward and not die trying. I want to share them with you, so there they go.

4 tricks that will make your life easier, if you live alone:

1) Preserve food

perserve food with vacuum seal
After many rotten onions in the fridge, I discovered an excellent trick that I am tremendously proud of. When you make your purchase of the month, spend some time to chop food and tuck them to freeze.
I usually chop the onion, spinach, and garlic and store them in the freezer. That way, they don't make me sick, and every time I need them, I take a little bit, put it in the pan, and save the rest for another time. Surely many housewives and householders would already know this trick for years, but hey, I discovered it when I was 22 and so happy.

2) Do not buy tuppers!

(Tapers for friends) I made the mistake of buying a set of tuppers the first week, I lost them after 4 weeks. Disregarding the fact that there is a superior force that takes tuppers to another dimension (you will find out what I mean, if you don't already know), it is not necessary to buy tuppers to store leftover meals.
Use the glass jars and the plastic jars you spend when you buy preserves or the Cola-Cola; first, you save money, and secondly, because you give the planet a hand by giving a second life to those storage products.

3) Go shopping with the suitcase.

suitcase lady
Apart from perfectly fulfilling its function of keeping your back in better condition and being a little embarrassed at the beginning, it is a very useful trick (especially if you have to go loaded like a mule up hills, as it happens to me).
You pass your purchase through the checkout and while the cashier is ticking them, you open your briefcase (everyone will look at you, but you are very dignified, act as if nothing), and you are putting things inside. "I walk effortlessly, people laugh."

4) Get the bags from the produce area of ​​the supermarket . 

shopping bags at produce market
If in your country they charge for the bags, and you have to make a quick small purchase, I have the solution to your problems. Grab a few bags from the grocery store's produce area and put them in a pocket. Make your purchase naturally, and then you leave with all the things in hand outside the establishment, leave them on a flat surface, and put them in the bags.
Do not cover the bags much because some are not very resistant, but hey, something is something, it is best to go with your own cloth bag always tucked inside the bag, but if you are missing it; you can always do this trick.

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