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Although it sounds strange, traveling cheaply with children is possible. Traveling as a family is one of the best experiences you can have. We forge the character of our little ones, teaching them diversity, culture, and new experiences, in addition to leaving them memories forever.
There are various ways and tricks so that traveling with children does not involve a huge outlay of money, and this is the reason that stops you from not wanting to continue knowing the world. In this article, we will explain how to travel cheaply with children.


Traveling by car family vacation

⦁ Travel by train
The plane does not always have to be the most suitable means of transport to travel. It is clear that it is the fastest, but traveling by train or bus can become part of the adventure. Tickets are usually much cheaper than by plane. Also if you travel at night you can sleep in them and save a hotel night, there are sleeper trains and VIP buses with very comfortable armchairs.

⦁ Travel by Ferry
The ferry is another good option. There are destinations where we can travel by boat. Not very long routes. For children traveling by boat is always something they like and there are much cheaper tickets in this means of transport.

⦁ Travel by car
Depending on the distance we usually travel in our private car. You have the comfort of going at your leisure and stopping where you want. One tip is to refuel at gas stations off the highways , if you go into one of the nearby towns, gasoline is usually a few cents cheaper.

Prepared Meals

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Take advantage of the moments when you are traveling, on the train, bus, car to take food from home. Prepare bags for each one and think about how many meals you will need to make until you reach the destination. Improvising a picnic is something that the little ones love.
Once you get to the vacation spot, shop at a local supermarket. If you want to eat out, do it like the local people do. Do not eat in restaurants in tourist areas, find out where the people who live there usually eat. You will surely win in quality and price.


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Part of the budget line goes here. Staying is not cheap, and depending on the city we visit much less. But fortunately, there are alternatives to save a little money.

Home exchange: Have you never considered it? It is the best way to save on accommodation. Think that there are families like yours who also need a vacation without spending a fortune and that the place where you live can be a perfect destination. If you do it through a trusted website, there will be no problem with your home or what you will find at your destination.

Renting rooms in private homes: It can be a very rewarding experience to share experiences with another family. There is the possibility of renting rooms in private houses and even really living with local people who will teach you part of the culture and the best places to visit.

Visits and excursions always planned

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There are many museums and monuments that usually have an open day where entry is free. Plan the visits, in addition to being able to visit a museum for free, there are also passes that combine several attractions for a lower price than if you buy them individually.
There are free tourist tours that explain every corner of the city, but they are usually guided tours on foot. We particularly always like to inform ourselves of the day and time of these tours. It is a very good way to get to know the city.

When to travel cheap with children

when to travel cheap with children
Travel in the low season. Everything is cheaper outside of the months or weeks when everyone goes on vacation. As we have already said, book in advance and if you travel by public transport, doing it from Monday to Thursday will be much cheaper.


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Not only be flexible in dates, but also in destinations or ways of traveling. Sometimes the place does not matter, the world itself is wonderful, so look for destinations that are not so popular or in which it is low season when you can travel. You will save on everything we have already mentioned, transportation, accommodation, food.

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