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Easter, summer, Christmas, at any time of the year, you can go on a trip without breaking your wallet for a lifetime. Take note!
Traveling can be very expensive if you don't plan well. However, it can also result in a great experience that you will remember forever without having to pay for the trip for the rest of your life or without damaging your personal finances.

1. Plan your trip in advance and be flexible

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Airline tickets and hotel prices turn out to be more expensive when the date is very close. Obviously, they are also much more expensive when the trips are in high season, it is very easy to know when it is a high season: when the children are on vacation. You can use many applications to track the best flight and hotel rates, and you will see the best time to buy.

2. Create a budget for your trip

money when traveling'It is very important that you write down your lodging and transportation costs and that you make a budget for daily expenses before you are there. You must check well if the total of your budget is not going to affect your finances, if so, make some adjustments before leaving. Keep your budget at hand while you are on the trip and keep track of what you have met, what you have left over, or what you have exceeded, this will really make you enjoy the trip and return with a good taste in your mouth.

3. Book with breakfast

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Sometimes what causes us to exceed our travel budget inadvertently is meals. That is why you have to plan your meals well based on your visit and activities. If the hotel offers breakfast, take it! In this way, you can have a good breakfast, eat something light or local in the street in the afternoon and have a good dinner in a restaurant if that is what you prefer.
If you have a points or miles program, investigate well if they have any additional benefits to the place you go or to the purchases you plan to make, check the account statement of your points or miles and use them whenever possible.

4. Enjoy your trip as a local

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Remember that the experience of a trip is learning and knowing, that is why there is nothing better than doing it as a local and not as a tourist. Remember that tourists almost always spend more because they do not know the customs well.

5. Prepare for communication

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This is a somewhat obvious but important point, many times, we do not plan how we will communicate with our loved ones, and being there, we do it in an emergency or to know if everything is okay at home, and we end up paying a lot of money for it. Always try to use Apps or Wi-Fi communication or do a little research on the costs and options of using your phone.

6. Learn to travel light

traveling alone in asia
This last point is quite an art, and one that some of us find easier than others. Traveling light has great benefits, documentation will be easier and will make your trip more pleasant, you will not pay excessive luggage costs, and it may be very easy to transport your suitcase to the place of your destination, and you will not have to worry about so many suitcases and where they go to fit or how you carry them with you.

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