things that occupy children on road trips to keep them quiet

When the journey is long, it is very common to hear the classic phrases: 'I'm bored,' 'how much longer?' And spending many hours sitting in a small space is a challenge for our children. However, to make the day as pleasant as possible, all parents should know two keys: fun and comfort.

Fun and music for the whole family

Play Fun Music

kid with headphones on in a car
To deal with boredom, what better ally than music. Audiobooks are one of the best tools for entertaining children in the car. It is a totally different reading format from the traditional one that offers hundreds of stories and for all ages. Each story is narrated by voice actors who make us feel totally immersed in the plot.

Games to keep them occupied

2 girls having fun in car
On the other hand, other activities that you can combine with a musical time are the classic word games, there are many options that are very easy to explain to children. From "Follow the story", in which a family member has to start a story that the rest will follow in order adding characters, situations, settings, and plots that make it a unique narrative until the "I see, I see," in which the whole family is sure to get involved or the "Chained Words."

Movies or TV Shows

kid watching a movie in car
A tablet or portable DVD player is a great way for children to enjoy their favorite movies and series on the go, as it is easy and convenient to transport. This option will make the hours fly by.

Protection, Security, and Comfortability

Family having fun in a car
Comfort is key for the path less hard. A pad or headrest will allow them to be in a suitable posture, especially at the time when they fall asleep. The chair's cover is a great option to keep it clean, whether the child cannot last until they reach the bathroom, or so that it is free of crumbs or cookie pieces. To help relieve chafing, we can also use a seat belt cover.
To protect the upholstery and take care of the car's interior, we can place a mat that covers the entire back of the front seats from top to bottom. This will prevent children from leaving marks on their feet. It will also protect the kick marks and serve as an organizer with easy access to our children's favorite toys. Here you will find mats to protect the seats.

Also, as recommended, we must make a stop every two hours approximately on any trip. Taking a break to stretch your legs, pee, make a snack, or fill up on gas will allow both the driver and passengers to relax. The most advisable thing is to choose an area that has a playground so that they can be distracted for a while.

Also, if they have behaved well, you can give them a prize.
In this way, with comfort, safety, and entertainment; it will be easier for the children to take a trip of several hours, and we will all have a great time in the car!

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