Black Friday 2021: Keys and tips to buy the best deals and be the queen of 'shopping'

The countdown to Black Friday, which takes place on November 26, has already begun. Most stores and brands have already announced what their campaign of offers and discounts will be like, and, in fact, some have already started to warm up their engines by launching succulent promotions prior to the celebration of Black Friday. 

Experts advise having a prior purchase strategy so that our economic investment is really worth it. To help you plan your shopping strategy this Black Friday, we offer you a series of keys and tips to get the best deals and be the true queen of shopping. Get out a pencil and paper and get ready to succeed with your purchases.

Search and follow up to compare prices

First of all, search, then compare, and buy it if you find something better. Well that. Previously, you must make a list with what you want to compare to be clear about your objectives, and based on that, follow up from now on. As we have mentioned, some brands launch promotional campaigns the days before (and the days after), and you can take advantage of them. In addition, this monitoring will help you to know the possible price fluctuations in the different stores where the product you want to buy is available.

Compare prices on different platforms

After you have made your list and know in which stores the product you want to buy is available, it is easy to do a price comparison. In that sense, comparing is very useful when it comes to getting great deals without feeling ripped off. When comparing (in different stores and even in the same one) you can discover if it is a real offer or the company has played to raise the original price so that the discount is striking. 

Prepare your wish list

If you already know what you want to buy, the best option that many stores allow is to make a wish list in your shopping cart without this implying any commitment. Prepare your wish list the days before and transfer it to the shopping cart to streamline the process and not run out of products when the stores kick-off. By having the wish list and the products in the cart, the purchase will be quick and effective.

Get ahead of the offers with the 'newsletter'

Messages with news from your favorite stores arrive every day to your email inbox. You don't know how or when, but it seems that one day you signed up for their newsletter service, and that's why all their news reaches you. We recommend that you do not overlook these emails because the stores advertise new products long before they appear on the web through their newsletters.

Balck Friday discounts, too. If you are already subscribed to some, start looking at the mail, if you are not yet, register in the stores that interest you the most.

Save previously to make a rational purchase

Black Friday is a great opportunity to get good products at a fairly affordable price. But this reality, sometimes, can lead us to buy compulsively.

To avoid this, in addition to preparing a prior wish list to be clear about what we want (and what we are going to buy), we recommend saving in advance and spending what is just and necessary. Therefore, it is essential to think very well about what we are going to buy and discern whether that purchase is the result of a consumer impulse.

Having previously saved and having our wish list, we will buy in a much more rational way, and we will not get carried away by the siren songs with which Black Friday wants to deceive us.

Check that it is not a scam

We know that not everything related to Black Friday turns out to be a panacea for shopping. After a whole month of being bombarded with irresistible offers, our heads are a bit saturated, but we must learn to discern between good offers and scams. As we have already mentioned, many take advantage of these days to make profitable profits as a result of the compulsiveness with which some buy.

For this reason, it is important to make sure that the website through which we are buying is trustworthy and has the security certificates to make payments online. Check the opinions of other clients, observe their purchase conditions, and check if the payment can be made through Paypal.

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