8 Essential Tips For Packing on a Time Crunch

Are you going on a trip? Now that you have decided your next destination, you still have to deal with the most difficult and one of the most costly and laziest things before leaving: "packing your suitcase." If you are one of those who lives with a phobia at the moment and takes the whole wardrobe, never knows what to take or waits with suspense until the last moment to finish packing, avoid the hot flashes and stress of the night before by following a few simple recommendations.


Something that seems obvious and that is not so obvious in the end is to make a list of those things you will need during your trip. If you want to travel light, a little organization becomes essential. For this reason, find out in advance about the weather and the activities that you will carry out in the place you are going to evaluate the clothes you have, the ones you will need to bring or the things that you may be able to buy at the destination. If you know the theory but have a problem carrying out the strategy, don't suffer, there are some apps that can help you make a smart list, such as PackPoint.


Depending on how many days your trip is, the choice of the suitcase or backpack is crucial. For a short trip for a weekend or three or four days, take a small suitcase. If you plan to go for a week or more days, opt for a medium suitcase. But if you go for a longer time, you will surely need a large suitcase or a backpack of at least 60 liters. In addition, 80% of people almost always use the same suitcase colors (black, navy blue, or gray). Put a bow or other badge on your luggage to avoid confusion on arrival.


Liquids and creams can be one of your worst enemies when it comes to packing. Put shampoos or creams in plastic bags or use electrical tape to secure the closure to prevent them from spilling and getting a nasty surprise. If you do not check-in, remember that on airplanes in your hand luggage, you can carry up to 10 items of a measure equal to or less than 100 ml (never more than 1l), all of them visible to security personnel in a plastic bag transparent. Bottles and deodorants of more than that amount will be requisitioned even if they do not reach 100 ml of content.


Who has not had to sacrifice that shirt or shoes they like so much and that combine with those pants due to lack of space? Better that than wear them and then use them on one occasion or not even that. Avoid carrying things that have an 80% chance of not being used. You will save space and carry less weight. Also, do not use 100% of the capacity of the suitcase. Try to take the essentials with you because you can use the "amenities" of the hotels and also, as always happens on trips, you will end up buying gifts and souvenirs so you will need to leave room for them.


Travel with a backpack of the day that will help you carry your important things. Among them is what you need to have more at hand, such as documents, camera, tablet or computer. Regarding documents such as the identity card, the passport, or the driver's license, do not forget to make an electronic copy and save it on a pen drive or send it to you in an email. If you are one of those who like to have them on hand, print them out and take them to a different place in case it gets lost. It will also be more comfortable once you leave the bulk of your luggage at the hotel and go out to explore the city.


Knowing how to take advantage of space is an art, especially when this is a rare commodity in our suitcase. Know what you are traveling with, be it a trolley, backpack, or sports bag, and pack your luggage, making the most of every corner. Use the inside of your shoes to store small things or socks to ensure that they do not lose their shape during the trip. And if you travel as a couple, don't be selfish, if you have plenty of room, share it. Not to mention that it can also be a great idea to distribute your clothes in case one of the two suitcases gets lost.


Don't wait until you check-in at the airport to find out how many kilos you have in your luggage. Instead, try to weigh it at home, for example, with a portable weight or a scale, or else it has been possible to use the airport tapes to balance the weight. So in case of going over, you can discard some clothes or put something in your support backpack.


It is not strictly necessary for everyone, because what better than going on vacation and forgetting about the phone? But as we know that this is almost impossible, do not forget to take a universal charger when packing when you travel. It will allow you to adapt the plugs of all your devices regardless of the country in which you are. In addition, many already come with USB, so you can connect them with the cable directly.

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