Twitter Blue, and Its Real Advantages

In recent days, the internet was taken by the noise created by Twitter Blue, and many came to believe that it would be a lost child of the same family that delivered WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Pink to the world. None of this: the service is official, and promises to offer different features for users.

Well, I mean… those features will only be available to users who are willing to pay for it.

Well… as much as I love Twitter, the question remains: is it worth paying for extra features?

We'll try to find that out together in this post, presenting the main differentiators of Twitter Blue.


How much does Twitter Blue cost?

Usually, we leave the question of price for the end of the post, but I think it's interesting to modify the article's dynamics a little to put in perspective what you pay in relation to what you offer.

Generally speaking, Twitter has never been a social network focused on promoting major changes in its functioning and characteristics. So much so that they only changed it to 280 characters in the body of the message after listening to the most disgruntled users for a long time.

Not to mention editing messages after sending, something that everyone highly requests, but Twitter seems to turn a blind eye on the subject… until you decide to pay for the feature, and the platform changes its mind quickly. 

Anyway, Twitter Blue is new… paid, of course. It costs $2.99 ​​a month and is the first time in the social network history to have a paid service to unlock its main features.

Let's face it: this is not such a high price. But many question whether the additional features that Twitter will deliver to users justify Twitter Blue's monthly payment.

We will see.

What does Twitter Blue offer as a differential?

Twitter Blue boosts your Twitter account with new features and functionality that will be for the exclusive use of paying users.

One of these new features is Bookmark Folders. Here, you can organize sent messages, making their location in this file much easier and more practical.

Another new feature is Undo Tweet. The user has a preview of the message that will be sent and can decide whether or not it is worth sending that message in that short time. A 30-second timer will help with the process, allowing (you see) you to EDIT THE MESSAGE BEFORE SENDING IT.

Reader Mode presents a more pleasant layout for the user to read, showing normal text where the text content is, but removing all other visual and aesthetic distractions available on the social network platform.

In addition, Twitter Blue subscribers will have access to custom icons for their smartphone home screen, as well as the color theme for the Twitter app. Offering the user the power of personalization is also a way to bring the user closer to your platform.

Finally, Twitter Blue subscribers will have access to personalized customer service, but there is no further information on this topic.

As time goes on, we'll get more information about Twitter Blue, as well as feedback from its early subscribers. Let's wait and see what the initiative will do.

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