How to Celebrate Thanksgiving the Traditional Way | Tips for Celebrating Thanksgiving

Originated in the USA, Thanksgiving Day is a holiday that emerged in the 17th century, after a plentiful harvest involving Native American Indians and English fugitives from religious persecution. As a thank you for the harvest, the governor of the village of Plymouth, in the US state of Massachusetts, decided to institute a holiday to "give thanks" and a big party was given to celebrate the event.

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln declared that the last Thursday of November would be National Thanksgiving Day. However, in 1941, the US Congress passed it as a national holiday.

In the USA, the date is celebrated even more than Christmas, on this day, there are big parades all over the country, one of the best known is the Macy's parade in New York. Black Friday is an event that takes place after Thanksgiving, where most stores have a big discount.

Another great feature is the traditional thanksgiving dinner. The main foods served are pumpkins, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, apple pie, and the indispensable turkey.

Organizing a Thanksgiving Dinner

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In the USA, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on November 26th, so be sure to celebrate the gifts that life brings. Enjoy the date and gather friends and family around a special and lovingly made table. We have separated some tips for you to surprise that day.

Dinner Menu

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As appetizers, you can use stuffed mushrooms, spinach paste, mushroom bruschetta, and nachos. Already as the main dish Turkey or Roast Ham. As a side dish, green beans casserole, gravy puree (sauce made with Peru broth), cranberry sauce or jelly, stuffing (stuffing the turkey, part of it is placed inside the turkey and the rest served as an accompaniment), pumpkin gratin, carrots, and brussels sprouts. And finally, for dessert, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple pie.

Choosing the Right Colors

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Thanksgiving is supported by orange, gold, yellow, brown, and sometimes purple tones. You can abuse these colors in flowers, napkins, and compositions, you can even play with the color of food.

Arrangements and Compositions

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As it is an event that takes place in the fall, flowers are welcome for decoration. As complements can be used, pine cones, dried leaves, candles, oranges, and pumpkins. Rustic elements are also great bets, like the wooden ring, for example, widely used as a base for arrangements. If your table is made of wood, you can replace the large towel with a simple table runner.

Plates and cutlery

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You should count a plate for dinner, a dessert plate, a bowl, a fork, a knife, a spoon and one of water, and another of wine per person. Fancy these elements, tie the cutlery with ribbons in the colors of the decor, make small arrangements on the plates, markers for pumpkins, oranges, or dried flowers look great in the decor and are pampering at the same time.

Consider Thanksgiving Day as a peaceful and timely date to welcome your family and do good work. So, invite a neighbor to dinner, donate food, visit nursing homes and orphanages. And remember, celebrating this day with hurt or resentment will certainly not make any effective results in your day. Take advantage of this moment to forgive, to put the rubber in old hurts and, above all, to thank the gift of life.

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