Suitcase Hacks: Practical Tricks to Pack Your Suitcase Easily

Packing can be a real ordeal, and when vacation and getaway dates approach, it can turn into a nightmare. In this article, we will teach you several tricks that will help you reduce unnecessary amount of clothing, fold it so that it takes up the least space, and take advantage of all the nooks and crannies, also very useful for your children's luggage .

Make a list of what you will need

The best way not to forget anything is to make a travel list and cross out as we go. Don't forget the essentials such as medicines, chargers, underwear, a complete toiletry bag, documentation, and health cards.
The best way not to leave anything in the apartment or hotel, is to make another to take it to the destination, and on the return check that nothing is lost.

Be practical and simplify

The "just in case" take up too much space. Don't know what to put? One of the best options is to prepare outfits for each day. Try to make mixed combinations with clothes that can complement each other.
For example, wearing pants that only looks good with a blouse is a waste of space. Instead, the most advisable thing would be to take one that combines with several parts of the top since the objective is to optimize the space.

Start with the shoes

Footwear is one of those things that are bulky and take up too much. Ideally, place them near the wheels or between the irons. It is preferable that you only put one pair in your luggage and the other you wear.
You can take advantage of the inside of the shoes. This hole is perfect for putting small objects like headphones or chargers, but also for underwear or socks

How to fold clothes

⦁ Roll up the garments. We usually put our clothes in our luggage folded as we usually have them at home, but it is a mistake. Besides taking up a lot, it wrinkles. One of the most infallible options so that we can fit more clothes, and also wrinkle less, is to roll it up. You should start by putting the bulkiest garments at the bottom and near the wheels, just above the shoes. Next, you have to layer your clothes finer. If you want to optimize the gaps, even more, you can put together several shirts or pants.

⦁ Do it in layers. One of the most famous techniques is to layer several stretched garments on top of the luggage. The trick is to let the ends stick out. Once everything is in place, you start folding the edges as if they were an onion.

How to save space

⦁ Towels are another of those items that take up half a suitcase. Therefore, it is better that you get a microfiber instead of the conventional ones. They bulge considerably less, dry much faster, and also allow you to put more things.

⦁ When preparing the toiletry bag, there are some tricks. As we said before with clothes, the ideal is to put only the essentials. If, for whatever reason, an emergency arises, you can buy the most urgent at the destination. We recommend avoiding large cans of shampoo, gel, and conditioner and dividing them into smaller ones.

⦁ Don't roll up the belts. You can put them perfectly inside and around the edge or even on the collars of the shirts.

Other recommendations

⦁ Use clip-on bags to store dirty clothes. In plastic ones, bad odors are generated.
⦁ If you are going to wear powder makeup such as foundation or blush, put a cotton pad inside and close it tightly. This will prevent it from breaking with a blow and will remain intact.
⦁ If you have an empty lipstick tube, you can use it to store valuables such as small jewels, earrings, or even bills.
⦁ Use small cans for the hairpins and hair ties. This will prevent them from getting lost or getting mixed up with the clothes.
⦁ A very useful trick for the beach is cleaning a bottle of sunscreen. Cut off the top and make sure it has a good closure. It will be used to store your personal effects, such as mobile, keys, or money.

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