10 Things That Should Never Be Missing From Your Suitcase When Going on a Trip

Traveling, even for business, is always an exciting experience. But with the rush, the tickets, the flights, we always end up packing at the last minute and forgetting things at home. So that this doesn't happen to you again, here is a list of the 10 items that you should always carry in hand luggage.

Things to always carry in your carry-on suitcase

2- Travel toothpaste

It seems like the obvious thing to do, but some research indicates that toothpaste is the item that most people forget to pack.

3- Medications

You always have to take certain medications with you on a trip in case we spend the sun on the beach or with wine at dinner. Any little annoyance can spoil our vacation.
If you put them in your checked suitcase, in addition to the fact that you will not be able to use them if you need them during the journey, you run the risk that they will be lost and it will be difficult for you to find them at your destination.

4- Appetizers

Airplane food, in addition to being very expensive, is not known for being particularly good. So you better buy some cereal bars, some nuts or a snack to take with you during the trip. As long as it is wrapped and not liquid, you can pass the security check without a problem.

5- Reusable plastic bags

In addition to being very useful for when you have to pass liquids through the security control, it can be used once at your destination to organize your suitcase, to put a wet swimsuit or things like that. They occupy little and are never too much.

6- Something warm

Airplane cabins are usually quite cold, so be sure to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for the trip, even socks. You don't have to put them in the carry-on bag, you can carry it in your hand. No airline will count a jacket as carry-on luggage.

7- Valuables

Airlines and airports do the impossible to keep luggage from being lost or stolen, but incidents continue to occur. Pack your camera, jewelry, computer, and other valuables in your carry-on bag so that they go with you at all times.

8- Raincoat

It takes up very little space and can be very useful if we find ourselves with a rainy day. Unlike umbrellas, they leave us both hands free, so you can keep moving and visiting more normally.

9- Universal plug adapter

If you travel often, you may have noticed that depending on the country; the plugs are different, so you will not be able to charge your electronic devices at your destination if you do not get one of these.

10- Documentation

Of course, carry your wallet, passport, and airline tickets in your carry-on or purse. Also, if you have train tickets, concert tickets, or any other type of important document, it is better to always carry them with you. It is a good idea that even if you have them stored on your mobile, you print a copy just in case.

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