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A cluttered home means a cluttered mind. It causes stress when you can’t find or locate a specific object among the piles of things. A decluttered space has the potential to avoid stress, improve productivity, and make household tasks easy.

Many people find it challenging to keep their brains focused when surrounded by clutter. The question is: how to declutter your home? In today’s article, we will give you a detailed and free declutter your home checklist to get the job done accurately. Read on!

General Tips to Declutter Your Home

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Start the process of decluttering in one room and don’t move to the next room or any other place in the house until you have completed the task.

Use a laundry basket to get rid of items that belong in the room. Carry the basket from one room to another to collect things that don’t belong there. Use a wet rag to wipe up dust, dirt, and debris. You can also use a vacuum cleaner.

Follow an eco-friendly approach to reducing and recycling items. Collect all items that you don’t need anymore and take them to the recycling center. You can also donate them to a charity organization.

Keep a small recycling bin or trash can in each room of your house. Encourage your family members to toss unnecessary items right away. Keep seasonal items in one place. For example, snow gear, winter shoes, grilling equipment, etc.

Purchase a labeler and get the most out of it. The labeler is an excellent tool to make things organized. When everything is in place, it leads to less clutter. Make use of the vertical space, attic, basement, and over the door storage space.

Free Declutter your home checklist

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Decluttering is an essential way to practice self-care. Decluttering also helps you take control of your house and stuff. The purpose is to keep everything organized that eventually leads to peace of mind.

Undoubtedly, creating a space that gives you clarity, organization, and hygiene improves your overall health, wellbeing, and happiness. Here is the free declutter your home checklist. Continue reading!

Declutter Your Bedroom Checklist

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  1. Use the space under your bed to keep extra clothes, footwear, and blankets.
  2. Use right size storage containers to store over-blankets and linens under the bed.
  3. Avoid creating a pile of dirty clothes and shoes. Use a laundry hamper to store dirty clothes and other items. 
  4. Collect pocket change in a jar. Keep it in your top dresser drawer. 
  5. Keep a small trash can or dust bin to toss away pocket scraps and old receipts. Any old papers that you don’t need must go into the waste bin. 
  6. Install cable organizer clips if you are using electronic gadgets in your bedroom. They help avoid tangled wires and keep them organized. For more information click here

Declutter Your Closets Checklist

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  1. Hang your clothes backward, i.e. in 180 degrees position. After 3-5 months, you will see the clothes are hanging correctly. This way, you can determine which clothes to keep in the closet and which items to donate to a charity organization.
  2. Organize your clothes, shoes, and other items by season. If it is winter, keep warm clothes and store the rest in the basement.
  3. Keep the clothes contained using a large basket if your closet is filled with footwear items.

Declutter Your Living Room Checklist

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  1. Keep books, magazines, newspapers organized on the bookshelf. Your coffee table will keep the books and magazines that you are reading. In general, it is a good practice to keep the table clean and free of items. 
  2. Throw away extra or unnecessary items, such as toys, games, and blankets, cushions into a large basket. 
  3. Remove dirt and dust on the coffee and end tables using a vacuum cleaner or wet cloth

Declutter Your Kitchen Checklist

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  1.  Have a proper place for papers in the kitchen. Keep one spot for paper items like bills, mails, receipts, etc. Throw away unnecessary papers into the waste bin every week. Relocate items from the top of the fridge to have some organization. 
  2. Check the date of expiry on perishable items in the refrigerator, cabinets, and pantry to remove clutter. 
  3. Check cleaning products under the skin and decide to consolidate or dispose of them. Use a cleaning bucket to keep all cleaning products to avoid wasting your time looking for them in different cabinets. 
  4. Organize drawers by category, such as keep grocery items in one drawer, utensils in the second, baking in the third, and spices in the next drawer. Avoid keeping these items in a disorganized way. 
  5. Install a few hooks inside cabinet doors to hang pans, pots, spoons, and cups. 
  6. Keep your kitchen gadgets, such as a lemon juicer, egg masher, spice grater, cheese grater, egg yolk separator, lid grip, and measuring cup in an organized way using the innovative “8 in 1 Bottle Packed with Kitchen Essentials.”

Declutter Your Bathrooms Checklist

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  1.  Keep your sink clean and organized. Remove all items and place them correctly in the drawer or medicine cabinet. Items like shampoos, colognes, brushes, creams, and polishes must be kept organized in the bathroom cabinet. 
  2. Clean the mirror using a high-quality glass cleaning product. You can also use apple cider vinegar.
  3. Straighten bath mats and fold towels correctly.
  4. A magnetic strip inside the cabinet door can store your bobby pins organized. Therefore, make sure you install a magnetic strip. 
  5. Don’t throw dirty towels and clothes on the floor. Instead, keep a small hamper in one corner of the bathroom to keep dirty clothes and towels in it.

Declutter Your Home Office Checklist

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  1. Organize loose cords with Portable Automatic Cable Winder.
  2. Keep unnecessary desk items in the drawer. 
  3. Straighten books and other important documents. You can also label your documents to identify them easily in times of need. 
  4. Don’t throw or place loose items in a drawer. 
  5. Don’t use small cardboard boxes as drawer organizers.
  6. Keep your desk clean.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, declutter your home will keep it clean, prepared, and well-organized. In this post, we have given you the ultimate declutter your home checklist for different areas including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, home office, closet, etc. Good Luck!

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