How to Get the Most Out of Black Friday | Don't Get Cheated

Since we are close to Friday (27) that marks the date, why not think about how to prepare for Black Friday? Below are some tips on what to do (or not) to really buy cheaper and not get into trouble afterward.

Be Ware of Low Prices from Unfamiliar Stores

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It seems silly to talk, but it is good to pay attention. If the promotion is priced far below normal, it is good to be suspicious - be it due to a store error or bad faith. For example, if a 64 GB iPhone 11, which has a suggested price of $ 1,999, is priced at $ 500, it is good to redouble your attention.
When in doubt, it may be worth calling the store's Customer Service to confirm the amount and clear your doubts.

Check the Store's Reputation

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As important as it is to avoid unknown stores, sometimes you've never seen the store before, but it acts in good faith. Or even well-known stores have high complaint rates and should be avoided for less headaches.

Use a Purchasing Assistant

The Shopping Assistant, an extension for Google Chrome, checks for you if the product has been cheaper in other periods - useful for not paying half the double.
Among other features of the extension, you can check out:
⦁ Price alert: Do you want to buy only when the price drops $ 100? Just set a value and, if the product reaches that price, we warn you that it's time to buy;
⦁ List of offers: you can see directly on the store website which are the main active promotions;
⦁ Price comparison: now our graph can also show the price comparison between competing stores.

Compare Product Prices

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It is important to realize that a good discount at one store may not mean that the product is cheaper than elsewhere. So, visit different websites and compare the price of the items to see where it is worth buying.

Check if Items are Returnable

The consumer must have seven calendar days to return what he/she bought over the internet or by phone from the date of receipt of the product. The amount of what was paid for the purchase is fully refunded.
However, some stores make return conditions difficult; some specify that the product cannot even be opened, for example. Therefore, check the conditions that are given in the right of repentance to avoid headaches.

Be Cautious When Shopping on Public Networks

It's a more general tip, but it also applies to Black Friday: be careful when shopping on public networks since you need to enter sensitive information in the browser, such as credit card data, and this information can be intercepted by someone with technical knowledge on the subject.
Always prefer to make the purchase on a private network, protected by password, and from someone whose source is reliable. If you're in a place other than your home, consider using a VPN to protect your data.

Check if the Website is Secure

There is no point in using a VPN if, on the other hand, the website you are browsing or intend to make a purchase on is not protected. Especially in 2019, we reported several leaks from technology companies, fintech, and even telephone operators that had customer data exposed.
Ensure that the site you found a product on is safe, to avoid scams or the exposure of your data in the future.

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