Is Working at Walmart a Physically Demanding Job? | Retail Working Conditions Explored

With over 1.6 million employees right now, Walmart is one of the pioneering retailers in the US. Given that Walmart is the largest private employer in the USA and has stores all across the country, you might want to start working here. However, it's hard not to ignore the rumors and wonder, is working at Walmart physically demanding? Let's find out!

Walmart seems to have a reputation for being a difficult place to work for employees. With more than 2.2 million workers working for the company, it has some issues handling its workforce. Many employees feel the company doesn't value its workers, along with various other complaints. Even so, working for the company does have some benefits.

When scrolling through websites like Quora or Reddit, you might see many current or former employees voicing their frustration about their working experience at Walmart. These certainly raise concerns. But one can still enjoy various benefits from working at this retail chain if they know how to play their cards right. Here we explore what it's actually like to work at Walmart!

What's It Like To Work At Walmart?

Most Walmart employees feel that Walmart is a decent place to work because they enjoy various benefits. However, it's also hard to look past the various issues, like low salary, schedule issues, and terrible work-life balance.

If you're looking for employment, you might consider applying for one of the many openings at Walmart. Their retail stores are enormous and have locations all over, so it seems like an excellent place to look for work. However, working at Walmart might not be a pleasant or rewarding experience.

Many hopeful job-seekers might not be happy with various factors. The company has multiple issues. These issues range from inadequate health benefits to forced work schedule reductions.

But Walmart employees say it is a decent place to work, and there are good things about working there. Tuition reimbursement, quick promotions, and a user-friendly scheduling system are just a few of the perks of working there.

How Demanding Is It to Work At Walmart?

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Undoubtedly, most retail jobs have various downsides you need to keep in mind, and Walmart is not off this list. It can be pretty mentally and physically demanding for the employees to continue working here for various reasons.
Some of the most notable reasons why working at Walmart can be stressful for an employee are:

1. Rigorous Absence Policy

People who work at Walmart complain a lot about the strict policy on taking time off. Even if you have a good reason to miss work, getting a leave of absence is tough. Walmart has a massive corporate structure. So it isn't easy to know what's going on in the lives of each employee and make adjustments accordingly.

As a result, it is entirely up to your manager to excuse your absence. Even if there's an emergency, sudden illness, or death of a family member, there's no guarantee you'll get a day off. Walmart has faced harsh criticism for this. Most believe they can do more for their employees and learn about their situations first.

2. Terrible Healthcare Coverage

Most former and current Walmart workers rank healthcare benefits as their top concern. Shocking as it may be, health insurance is an option at Walmart. Nonetheless, it won't pay for anything more than minor medical bills.

It can be challenging for workers since they or their loved ones may be dealing with costly medical issues. Despite paying a hefty amount for the best plan, many employees face a mountain of expenses when visiting the doctor.

3. Physically Demanding Workload

Whether you're stacking shelves, driving a truck, or working the register, there's a good chance you'll have to put in some hard labor at Walmart. During work hours, you will spend long periods in various positions, including standing, lifting, sitting, and more.

So when you finish your shift, you will often find yourself with complete physical exhaustion from all the hard labor. A day of work at Walmart is not an easy job for someone who isn't in decent physical condition.

4. Harsh Workplace Conditions

Workers at Walmart are regular people like you and me, just trying to make ends meet. However, the workplace may become hostile due to strict absence regulations, long hours, and other factors.

Competition for growth chances and long hours are prevalent here. Such working conditions can lead to tensions amongst coworkers vying for similar positions. Working in such an environment might have adverse effects on your health.

5. Customer Attitude

Many applicants cite dealing with customers as a significant drawback when weighing the pros and cons of working at Walmart. Having to deal with consumers with an entitlement complex is something most retail establishments have to do daily.

If you don't have thick skin, dealing with rude and unpleasant customers could be a significant downside to working at Walmart. But the perks outweigh the drawbacks if you don't let customers' unwelcome behavior bother you.

Why Employees Still Keep Working At Walmart

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As mentioned earlier, working at Walmart can be stressful for many employees. Undeniably, there are several downsides to working for the company. But that doesn't mean that employees don't enjoy working at Walmart. If employees play their cards well, the company provides them with many benefits.

Let's look at all the best reasons why employees enjoy working at Walmart

1. Amazing Benefits

When weighing your options for new employment, you should not ignore the company's benefits. In the event of a future medical emergency or other financial emergency, benefits will save the day. Walmart has a wide variety of benefit plans that can assist you in such times.

Walmart provides medical care, educational incentives, and professional development programs to its employees. In addition to a 401(k) plan and Roth IRA investments, Walmart provides numerous other benefits to its employees.

2. Stable Job Security

Walmart is a company with a never-ending supply of job openings. Customers are flooding Walmart's stores and website because of their wide selection and cheap costs.

All these customers guarantee work for all the employees working in the stores and corporate offices. As food and other commodities need to get to Walmart, truck drivers are also always in demand.

3. Easy Career Advancement

There are always chances for promotion at Walmart because the company continually evolves. Many Walmart workers try their hands in various divisions to advance their careers.

Some of the managers at the company once started as young adults in entry-level positions. Employees who give enough time and effort to learn new skills and accomplish their jobs well can advance quickly at Walmart.

4. Proper Training Opportunities

Walmart has made it a point to shorten its training procedures due to frequent hiring and job switching of employees. The training ensures that the employees gain the proper education and preparation for their positions.

Someone will show you the ropes and get you up to speed when you start a new career at Walmart. Effective methods of training are crucial to achieving professional success. The first few days on the job can be a breeze if you've received adequate training.

5. Retirement Benefits Based On Years Of Service

The more time and experience you put in at Walmart, the better benefits you enjoy. If you've been an employee for a long time, you may expect recognition and appreciation from Walmart.

You earn more vacation or paid days off compared to your years of service. Depending on how long you've worked for Walmart, you could be eligible for up to four weeks of paid vacation per year.


If you are searching for employment opportunities, you might notice the many job openings available at Walmart shops. However, you may have heard the rumors and wonder, is working at Walmart physically demanding?

I hope this article covered everything that you needed to know about employment in this company. Thanks for reading till now.

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