My partner left me again. What did I do wrong?

That your partner returns to your side is not synonymous with that now if the relationship will be perfect, and that it will be lasting, but, on the contrary, the relationship may be more fragile, and that is why today I will talk to you about why my partner left me again.

Because this can be more than normal, that by doing the wrong things to get back with your ex partner, all this led to the passing of time, your partner realizing that you are still the same person, and that is why he decided to end the relationship one more time.

But it is very easy to come to think that your partner left you again, because he simply does not love you anymore, but as I said, if you did not do the right thing to improve things between the two of you, the breakup was something that was more than insured.

And if you want to know more about why my ex-partner left me again, then keep reading this article.

Let us begin.

The relationship never changed

For an ex-partner, it will always be difficult to return to your side, and realize that things between the two have not changed a bit, because your partner could come to think that the breakup would help you see the weak points of the relationship, and that this would help you to be clear about what type of relationship you are looking for.

But if this was not your priority, and your partner returned to your side offering the same conditions as when he left you, then it is not at all strange that your partner ends the relationship, and all because he has realized that the relationship does not work a second time.

I hope you are not one who believes that a relationship is only encouraged by love or beautiful words. There are other things that will have a great influence on your partner and the relationship.

But if at this point you still cannot be clear why your partner left you the first time, it is normal that things did not work, when your ex returned to your side.

You just pretended to have changed

Most people who go through a breakup are too clear that change is something I need to be able to get a partner to give you another chance, but most people misunderstand the concept.

Because they can only appear to change while they manage to win back their former partner, and after a while, they will go back to being the same people as before, and once again, this can be disappointing for a former partner.

And if you only came to pretend to be someone else, it was more than normal that with the passing of the days, your mask would fall off, and in the end, you will show yourself as you are.

But if you also thought that this was something that your ex-partner would not notice, I'm sorry to say, but your partner seeing that you were still the same person as before, or that you continued to have the same defects, realized that returning to your side was a big mistake.

He realized that he no longer loved you

Second chances do not apply to all relationships, and this is usually another issue that you should also know, because it could happen that your partner, when he returns to your side, realizes that he no longer loves you as he thought.

And actually the process of trying to get an ex partner back can be very negative , because when both of you during that time only get to humiliate or hurt each other, that concept or image that you will have about your partner will change drastically.

And up to this point, I don't know what kind of things you did to be able to get back with your ex, and I don't know what kind of things you had to endure, but if in that time they were apart they did a lot of damage, it is normal that now your ex partner does not have the same concept of you.

It is hard to accept it, but when during the breakup they spend too much time apart, that time can only help to make the relationship again difficult, because they will be able to resume the relationship, but they will be complete strangers, because they will realize that it no longer exists. 

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