25 years ago she rescued a girl from the street; today that girl bought her a house in gratitude

In 1993, the life of Hu, a woman from An Khanh, Anhui, China, completely changed. She was 49 years old and lived with her husband, but her financial situation was quite bad, so to get ahead, Hu collected waste that she later took to recycle to a garbage dump. In that place, among the garbage and dirt, she found a small baby who her parents had abandoned.

Without thinking, Hu decided to rescue her and bring her home, where he cared for her and fell in love with her. The woman had always had the illusion of being a mother, so when she decided to adopt the little girl, her husband did not reply, because he knew of his wife's wishes, and both raised her as if she were their daughter.

However, their low income did not allow them to buy formula milk for their new daughter, so they had to give her rice porridge to feed her. In this way, the little girl lived her first years in the midst of economic deprivation, although wrapped in the love of her parents. But a tragic moment impacted her days. When the girl was only four years old, Hu's husband died.

Beyond the pain of the loss, Hu knew he couldn't give up, so she continued to collect garbage. In addition, she sold vegetables and crickets in the market to support her daughter and give her the education she deserved. All her effort and love were awarded several years later.

Time passed, and the little girl became a beautiful woman. When she turned 25, she became independent and achieved success. She moved to the city where she married and had two children. However, she never forgot what her mother did for her, so as a gift of appreciation for the years of parenting, the young woman gave her the extension of her house, which became a beautiful home for two plants from being a humble hut.

Despite having the support of her daughter, Hu has not stopped working and regularly goes out to the forest where she cuts firewood, grows vegetables, and raises chickens, saying she does not want to be a burden to anyone. There is no doubt that life crosses you with the right people at the right time, just as it did with Hu and her daughter.

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