6 Prisoners use a spoon to tunnel and escape from prison, in true movie style

Perhaps you have seen in the movies that some prisoners use a spoon that they stole from the dining room to dig a tunnel and escape. Many of us think that this is absurd because it would be almost impossible to achieve it, but as we already know, reality always surpasses fiction. The news of the escape of six inmates went around the world because they precisely used this method to achieve their freedom.

The Israeli authorities reported the escape of six prisoners who were in a maximum-security prison after digging a tunnel with a rusty spoon, something that looks like something out of a film but actually happened. The inmates managed to escape without the guards noticing.

The six fugitives shared a cell in The Safe, a maximum-security prison in Israel, which is considered a "serious flaw" in the intelligence and security system because four of the inmates were sentenced to life imprisonment for committing terrorist attacks. When carrying out the count of inmates, they realized that these six, of Palestinian origin, were missing.

An operation was immediately carried out with helicopters, drones, tracking dogs, and special forces, and during the first investigations, a tunnel was located under the sink of the cell, through which they escaped. Apparently they had been digging for a month using the spoon and their hands. In addition, it was learned that a "suspicious" vehicle was prowling the area on the day of the escape, but at that time, it was not given importance.

One of the inmates who escaped is Zacaria Zubeldi, former head of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, convicted of carrying out an attack in which eight people died. The rest are members of the Islamic Jihad, who have also participated in various attacks. The intelligence services reported threats of disturbances in this prison for the Jewish New Year holidays, but apparently, it was only a distraction to carry out the escape.

But that is not all, because it is said that these fugitives had a telephone with which they could communicate abroad, although the authorities have not yet confirmed this. In addition to the search operation, the 400 prisoners in this prison were transferred to other prisons in Israel while the entire area was searched to detect more tunnels.

On the day of the escape, celebratory shots were heard from Jenin, which is the main stronghold of the Palestinian resistance for this escape. In the Palestinian fringe, the Islamic Jihad distributed sweets in the street as a celebration and issued statements, such as that of the Islamist movement Hamas, in which they commented:

This great victory shows that the determination of our fighters in prisons cannot be defeated.

For his part, the spokesman for Fatah, the party of the president of the Palestinian Authority, commented that these six individuals broke the system, for which they are now considered heroes, since they taught the other prisoners that it is possible to obtain freedom with which they dream so much. We do not doubt that the Israeli authorities will retaliate, which will cause this conflict to continue as it has for decades.

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