Not all are bad; police gave him a lift so he can get to his entrance exam on time

In life, there are true heroes who make our day. It is true that some promote a wave of positive things with their good actions, but the one who got the applause of hundreds of Internet users was this policeman who helped a young man to get to his exam on time.

When he found himself in the middle of a traffic jam and thought that he would never get to the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, in Peru, on time, the boy thought that his dreams of improving himself were about to stop. However, the security element surprised him when he offered to help him make it to his entrance exam on time.

As the boy ran through the streets to reach his goal in college, the action of a good cop saved his day. The officer started his motorcycle and invited him to get on to give him a lift and finally reach his destination. All before the gaze of a camera that captured his good action.

With a worried face and with his paperwork firm in hand, the boy did not hesitate to get on the policeman's motorcycle to go the way he needed to take his exam on two wheels. The officer demonstrated his public service and how the agents are always ready to help.

Some passersby recorded the heroism of the policeman, and later, when the video went viral, the Peruvian Interior Ministry congratulated the officer and all the young people who are striving to start a professional life to become good citizens.

There is no further information on whether the young man managed to get to his exam on time, but what we are sure of is that the policeman is a hero for all users of social networks, because, through the good work he did, he taught us that there is still hope in the world and that there are more of us good. Plus, it certainly made the boy's day.

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