72-year-old man lost in the jungle for three days survived totally alone

Nobody imagines that a good day out, which was planned and projected, suddenly turns into a nightmare out of all expectations. What we believe one more day can become an experience that marks our lives forever.

This happened to the British Leonard Barry Weller, 72, who lives in Thailand. The old man was getting ready to spend a good afternoon outing and having drinks with his club of motorcycle friends early on, but Weller got up before everyone else because he was excited about the meeting, and on the way to his friends' lair, he got off his motorbike for a walk in the jungle.

Weller went into the jungle to climb a hill and get some exercise, but he couldn't find the way back when he wanted to get back on his motorcycle. So with the help of his belt, he climbed a tree to better see the tremendous problem that he had just gotten into and, indeed, he was well lost, because he only saw a lot of trees around him and no civilization.

To survive, he had to manage and build a hut and improvise a bed made of a pile of jungle leaves, while his friends did not even remember him and slept warm in their beds. Fortunately, the prolonged rains gave her water to drink that she collected from the puddles with a straw that was made by rolling up a leaf.

When Weller did not show up for dinner, his wife notified the authorities of his disappearance. Then firefighters and police began looking for him along with villagers from neighboring towns. Meanwhile, Weller was already entrusting himself to Saint Peter, as he was exhausted because he had no food, and the high temperatures of the jungle were beginning to drive him crazier.

Fortunately, the villagers found him lying on his herb bed in the middle of the forest, but he was in shock. The locals notified the authorities, and immediately the paramedics, police, and firefighters arrived at the scene.

His wife didn't wait to hug him, and Weller thanked everyone who was looking for him. From there, he was taken by ambulance to the hospital, as he was in a deplorable physical condition: ill, injured, and injured. The doctors say that he will get much better and he will be able to continue doing what he likes most in life without problems.

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