A Guy Made a Forbes-Style List to See Who Was the Richest of His Best Friends.

The Forbes lists of the richest people in the world have the greatest impact and always generate excitement because thousands of people like to know who and how many millions have those who occupy the first places. In addition, there will be those who dream of appearing one day and showing all the millions they own.

Tom Cruz, a man in the United States, did not wait to have billions or for Forbes to take it into account, so he made his own list, in which Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk do not appear, because, of course, They are already in another league, but included their best friends and made known the wealth they possess, although this has generated controversy for the indiscretion they may have committed.

First of all, make no mistake about it, it is about Tom Cruz, not Tom Cruise, the millionaire actor. Once this point was clarified, Tom and his friends made their list in which they were ranked from the richest to the poorest, taking into account their salary and the benefits they have in their jobs, and put it in an Excel sheet. Of course, they could make a much more interesting presentation, but that's okay.

In addition to salary, some additional data was included, such as how much they can spend on a three-day trip, in a week's vacation, if they are married, if they can afford a private flight, or spend too much on gambling. The video shows that some are doing quite well, such as Shawn, who tops the list with his income of five million dollars a year, while at the bottom is "Broke Bobby," whose nickname indicates that he is bankrupt. With only $ 125,000 a year.

Rather than ventilating the income of each one and knowing who has the most economical power in the group of friends, Tom ensures that the list has another utility by knowing the income and availability that each one has to travel, which will allow them to plan accordingly. Better way is to exit and not leave out any. It doesn't seem so bad after all.

This man claims to have another list of friends who earn "less than six figures" and assures that it serves to avoid uncomfortable situations caused by money. However, this did not sit well with many, who considered it unnecessary to make that division and less to make it public. In the end, if everyone agreed to appear on this list, no problem.

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