Fan of 'The Simpsons' Creates a Mini-Television That Reproduces the First Seasons; Give Me 10!

Mocaestica, comastélica! This genius made a miniature version of the classic purple television of The Simpsons, and his only "channel" has all the episodes of the best seasons.

There are many options to see the episodes of  The Simpsons, but we did not know that one of the best was to enjoy them through a scale model of the Carnivale antenna television that appears in the animated series. This adorable and amazing creation was made by Brandon Withrow, a software engineer who brought the fun to a portable, 3D printed scale.

Brandon shared a video on the Reddit platform in which he shows his miniature replica that works perfectly. Your mini TV connects with a USB cable, has a power knob and a knob for volume control.

Its creator is one of the biggest fans of The Simpsons, and he used all his knowledge as an engineer (and intellectual, very intelligent) so that this little device randomly reproduces the episodes of the first 11 seasons.

For anyone curious about the tech side: Inside is a 32GB Raspberry pi zero processor and card. The pi is connected to a 640 x 480 liquid crystal display. The pi is running Jessie Lite. All episodes were specifically compressed for the screen and uploaded to the SD card. When the pi is turned on, via the USB port on the back of the TV, it starts playing random episodes.

When an episode ends, the next one is randomly selected. The top button is connected to a general-purpose input/output and turns the display on and off at the same time as it mutes the volume. The bottom is a potentiometer that is connected to the speaker inside. I designed the TV and parts in Fusion 360 and printed on an Ender 3 pro.

- Brandon Withrow

The video from his mini-TV soon went viral on Reddit, and from there, it went to other social networks such as Twitter, where all the fans of The Simpsons shouted with pleasure when they learned that something like this existed. In addition, its creator excited everyone by saying that his plan was to film and share a kind of tutorial for everyone to build one.

Wow, this blew up a lot more than I ever imagined. A couple of things: I'm going to make a guide asap. Disney, if you're here, do you have an R&D position available? I have experience! Television for some, miniature American flags for others! Thank you all for love!

We don't know if Mr. Disney will call in this man to make him executive vice president, but Brandon certainly demonstrated his passion for  The Simpsons in an original and completely fantastic way, and we just want to say give me 10!

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