Alpha grandfather asks his wife to marry him every week and in different ways because she has Alzheimer's

The first trailer of 'The Wonderful Years' reboot comes out, a classic of our childhood that is back.

To say that true love always finds its way seems corny and unreal, but the example of this older couple restores our faith in romance and commitment. Prepare the tissues because this goes straight to the heart.

When two people love each other and decide to be together through thick and thin, no obstacle can prevent them from enjoying their true love, not even a disease as devastating as Alzheimer's. This couple of grandparents starred in a very romantic and touching video that turned the Internet upside down.

According to the user Katy Kat, who posted the video on social networks, this couple has been married for 45 years. However, she suffers from Alzheimer's. Because of her illness, she forgets her relationships even with her closest loved ones, including her husband.

But this grandfather is not discouraged by the condition of his beloved and every week he adores himself to ask her again to marry him. His wife is surprised every time he proposes to her, and although she cannot remember at that moment that they are already married, she feels the closeness and affection as something very familiar and natural.

In the video, Grandpa kneels, presents her with a bouquet, and shows her an engagement ring. She tells him that it "reminds her of her husband" and looks at him with great tenderness as he puts the ring on her finger, kisses him, rests her forehead on his and they end up united in a loving hug. Every week she agrees to marry her romantic husband again, and the video shows their excitement at "falling in love". I am not crying ... you are crying.

This romantic gesture did not go unnoticed on the Internet. The video has been shared on TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, and on each platform it has been filled with thousands of reactions and as many congratulatory comments to this couple who renew their love every week.

The video and this habit are in the style of the movie 50 First Dates (2004) with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, only instead of doing it every day, this alpha grandpa gets down on his knees every week.

At the end of the viral publication appears the message "True love always finds the way" and is absolutely right because not even Alzheimer's has been able to defeat the romance of these grandparents.

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