Russian mechanic turns his old car into a machine of destruction with flamethrower

We know that in Russia, they love crazy things, and they are capable of creating them themselves. Vanhan Mikayelyan is a Russian mechanic and influencer who took an old car and turned it into a machine worthy of a Mad Max movie, to destroy everything that is put in front of it, of course, only in a show and not to walk around the streets scaring other drivers.

The Lada Zhiguli 2106 was manufactured in the former Soviet Union by the VAZ company in the 1970s. It is a four-door sedan, with a front engine and rear-wheel drive. Subsequently, it continued to be produced in Russia and Ukraine until 2006, and for three decades, it was one of the most popular compact vehicles among Russians.

Vanhan took one of these compacts and turned it into what he called "the world's first flamethrower machine." In addition, he baptized it as Dragon, a more than adequate name for this compact that has a powerful flamethrower in the headlights with a range of up to six meters, with which it can face other vehicles. Previously he had already created a "spider car".

The Russian mechanic has more than 27 million followers on Instagram despite the fact that he does not have so many modifications, but the ones he has made are spectacular. The process of the flamethrower car is not detailed, but the end result is what matters, and as you will see in the video, anyone would love to drive one of these and shoot fire everywhere.

The look is that of an ordinary little car, but it's amazing when the fire breaks out. Many can boast about the speed, stereos, leather seats, or any other modification to their cars, but only Vanhan can say that he has a flamethrower in the front of his vehicle, something that even James Bond would like.

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