Parents lose their son to covid and two weeks later they win the lottery 2 times

Many popular songs already say it, life is as unpredictable as the wheel of fortune, because one day you are down and the next, up. This English couple from Cave Island, Essex, lost a child to COVID-19, and they immediately won the lottery a couple of times.

The money does not replace in any way a loved one, they know it, but these parents will allocate part of this award to the construction of a monument that will honor the life of their son, who for the couple is the angel of the saves behind the windfall gains.

In a matter of days, the couple earned more than $ 42,000. Susan Slater, 74, Steve's mother, and her husband won the first prize of $ 1,377 when their son was battling the virus. Whereas the second stroke of luck came two weeks after the death of her little one and was much bigger. When notified of their second award, Susan thought it was some kind of joke.

Yet everything was real. The couple added to their $ 1,377 another prize of £ 30,000 ($ 41,000). The news was impressive and exciting for both of them, but Steve's parents are still in mourning, so they call on all those who now know his story to toast their son and visit his statue when it is ready.

The Essex couple stated that they would probably go on a trip or take a cruise with the remaining money. But before, in August, they plan to hold a gala dedicated to their son, and they plan to offer a great party in his memory, since the loss was hard, because they could not say goodbye to him in person due to the restrictions due to covid-19.

We are going to have a great memorial for him. We want to celebrate it properly. Many people are helping me to do it, we are a very united group. I just want everyone to come and raise a glass for Steve.

Surely, Steve will receive in heaven the lights of the great celebration that his parents will prepare for him, and his memory will be very well honored by friends and family.

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