Crocs Evolve in Their Famous Design and Achieve the Impossible ... Be Even Uglier

The company Crocs Inc. acquired the design of some strange sandals from the Canadian company Foam Creations, and in 2002 they sold their first 200 pairs, also called "Crocs". Little by little, these were spreading throughout the world, perhaps because of the comfort provided by the flexible material with which they are made, so their use has become common in hospitals, kitchens, among athletes and also for children.

Although in some places they are considered dangerous, such as in Sweden, since hospital staff say that these shoes accumulate static that can interfere with the devices used by doctors, the reality is that thousands of people like to use them and now Salehe Bembury develops a new design to refresh the Crocs, although the truth is that they are still ugly ...

Salehe Bembury won the 2020 Designer of the Year award given by the Footwear News publication, although not for these Crocs, it must be clarified. Celebrities like Justin Bieber and Post Malone have launched their designs, which obviously attract attention but more for the fame of these characters than for their design. There is a good variety on the market, and now these are the ones that are attracting the most attention.

Salehe Bembury is a New York designer who worked for three years as Versace's vice president of athletic footwear and men's shoes, but last year he left this position and created his brand Sponge, with which he has already had collaborations with Vans, New Balance and the Chinese brand Anta. In addition, with these Crocs, he is already working for Crocs Inc.

This design that resembles fingerprints gives new vitality to the classic sandals that we have seen so far, and they are part of a personal stamp of the designer, since he had already used it in his designs for Vans, New Balance and also in some models that made for Yeezy, where he previously worked, and actually designed some of the most successful models.

This model seems stronger, but comfort was not neglected because it is one of the bases of the success of the Crocs. At the back, more support and ventilation is still present, although with a design that is not as uniform as in the classics. In any case, they are not suitable shoes to go out to a party and, essentially, they are ugly but very practical, so it is sure that we will still see much more of these sandals that perhaps are here to stay.

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