He met the "love of his life" online and in the end they scammed him out of $ 15,000

It never hurts to repeat that nothing on the Internet is what it seems, and a young Chinese (anonymous) from the city of Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province, learned this lesson the hard way.

In 2017, the innocent male met a girl through the WeChat app, an instant messaging service in China, and it seemed they were made for each other. Even without meeting in real life, they started dating online and even started making plans for their dream wedding.

For three years, the girl asked him for money transfers that she was supposedly saving in a bank account to cover the expenses of her future marriage. The young lover made deposits to her every month, but later, he began to suspect that something strange was happening, because his "fiancée" always had an excuse when he asked her to meet in person.

She said that she had personal matters to resolve and to assure him that her intentions to marry were very serious, she told him that an "aunt" would visit him to find out what his life was like.

The alleged relative of the girl began to visit him frequently, to speak highly of her niece and insist that the fiancé continue to make the money deposits. But it was all a fraud.

The young man took advantage of the aunt's oversight and managed to check her cell phone. There he discovered that he was not really related to the bride and that they had agreed to scam him. In total, he had deposited $ 15,000, and when he realized the truth, he made a report to the police.

Authorities located the trickster and arrested her. Upon initiating an investigation of her social networks, they discovered that she had several WeChat accounts and was using them to scam other men by playing the role of the girlfriend in love.

This innocent man believed that he was saving money to marry the woman of his dreams and, in the end, he discovered that they only played with his feelings ... and his wallet. So are the dangers of love in times of apps.

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