Teacher in the United States does not get a job in any school for being too sexy

These days it is difficult to find a job for anyone, especially if you are sexy, white, smart, and earn money at OnlyFans. Nothing to do with the old obstacles of being dark or dark, poor, not knowing English, not having enough studies or ten thousand years of experience to fill the profile of a company.

Amy Kupps, the teacher who was fired from a high school in the United States after it was discovered that she had an OnlyFans account with adult content, now complains that she cannot find a job because she is too sexy.

Despite having a very good income from her adult content, the former History teacher seeks a more stable job that provides health insurance and makes her feel that she works in what she studied, since she considers herself an intelligent person.

However, in her recent job interviews, Amy has noticed that she makes HR managers very nervous with her prominent breasts and is therefore declared unqualified for the positions to which she aspires.

Being so sexy was always a problem for me. But now, I am so confident in myself that I am too intimidating.

Amy declares having noticed signs of excitement in the interviewers and excessive sweating that revealed that they were nervous in the presence of her provocative, confident, and sensual presence. In a car dealership, they cut off her interview and recommended that she better dedicate herself to modeling.

I went to an interview for a job in a store, and the manager made me go to his office. When I sat down, I noticed that he was nervous. He kept looking at my chest and face. Also, he was sweating and shivering conspicuously, he couldn't think of questions. He asked permission, withdrew for a few seconds, and when he returned, the interview ended abruptly.

But everything surpassed the limits when one of the employees, to be watching her, crashed a Mercedes Benz of a client against a gate. Amy is disappointed to be judged on her looks and regrets the effects her statuesque figure causes during job interviews.

But, despite the difficulties that being so sexy causes her, Amy plans to increase her bust even more and reach a size 34FF. Who knows when the job tragedy of this model who makes a few hundred thousand dollars in OnlyFans will end, but she has to remember that: "When God closes a door, he opens a window."

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