Influencers closed a road and stopped traffic just to do a tiktok; they have already been arrested

Every day, millions of videos circulate on TikTok, the popular social network, and those who share material are looking for fun and attractive things for their followers because their goal is to become the ones with the most reactions and views. This also has its negative side, as there are those who do anything to achieve the desired popularity.

In Europe, it has become a "trend" to record videos on the roads and share them. To get into this trend, four girls from Albania closed the way to vehicles so they would not be disturbed while filming, something that is obviously a crime, and the police located them to stop them and impose a fine for their conduct.

These beautiful girls thought it was a good idea to stop their Mercedes Benz Cabrio in the middle of the road, preventing the passage of other vehicles, and without further ado, they began to perform a dance. It seems that some were delighted with what was happening, while others found themselves upset, especially the women who were in the car with their boyfriends or husbands, who did not think they were seeing these young aspiring dancers.

Those who had to stop began to call the Traffic Department to report what was happening because they caused traffic in the streets and carried a bottle of wine. Although the authorities did not arrive at the time, it was easy to locate the vehicle and detain the driver because some people recorded them with their phone and the video they filmed.

Those involved committed serious prohibited acts on the country's highways, in addition to causing an accident by stopping the vehicle in that way.

-Communication from the Department of Traffic

As if that were not enough, the driver did not even have a driver's license, which made the fine of $ 600. In addition, the four will have to cover several hours of community service. Maybe they'll have them clearing roads, so they'll learn their lesson and think it over the next time before stopping their car and dancing.

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