She kept her savings for so long but the coins rusted and damaged the bills; lost everything

There are those who have the habit and discipline to save, something that is not easy. Unfortunately, sometimes they are not skilled enough to take care of that money they have been saving, and we do not mean that they suddenly buy something they do not need and waste their savings, but that they literally have to be careful with the bills and coins and do not keep them under the mattress or in the corner of the house.

A woman in Malaysia, who apparently did not trust banks, decided to store her savings in a cardboard box that was at the mercy of environmental conditions, such as humidity. She placed bills and coins in that box, but these rusted and, incidentally, damaged the bills due to the metallic material and the combination with the elements. The woman ended up without the money that it took her so much effort to raise.

When the woman had financial difficulties, she thought it was a good time to get the money that she had already saved for a while and with that to get ahead of the commitments that she had to cover, but her disappointment was enormous when she discovered that the coins had rusted and in turn they damaged the bills. In total she had about $ 250 and it never occurred to her that it was best to separate the coins and keep them in more suitable condition.

A friend of this woman shared what happened through Facebook, not only to laugh a little at the situation, but also to serve as an example of what not to do if you want to save. The ideal would be to open an account in a bank and deposit the money in it, although we know that there are people who are more traditional and prefer to have the money physically, as close as possible. If so, then you have to take care that it does not rust.

Let's hope that this woman now does decide to go to the bank to see if it is possible that they can change her savings and get her money back, otherwise, the friend who began to report her misfortune will have to lend her money to get out of trouble. We are confident that starting today you will be looking for better ways to save your money. If you also have a box of money, it may be a good time to check it out.

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