His girlfriend is pregnant and he is unemployed; asks for help online to find a job ... for her

A young man went viral because he was looking for work, but not for himself, but for his pregnant girlfriend. Perhaps some thought that this guy had a serious illness that did not allow him to work, but in the post, he made on social networks, he explained that he could not leave the house because it was very hot, and that causes his head to hurt ...

The person in charge of this publication is Édgar Alexis, and he is originally from Coahuila, Mexico, where it is certainly very hot, but the critics did not wait for wanting to send his girlfriend to work, while pregnant, so that he could stay at home and not suffer from "inclement weather."

Through his Facebook account, Édgar commented that his girlfriend is three months pregnant, and that is why she needed to work, as they must buy everything they need for the arrival of their child. First, it drew attention that both are very young, and then came the criticism for looking for work for the girl and not for him, especially for an excuse as silly as saying that "he's hot."

Hi friends. I want to ask you a favor. What happens is that I have been without work for a while, and my girlfriend is pregnant (she is three months old). As I don't have a job, I have not bought essential things for her when the child is born, and I wanted to ask you if you know of a job where they accept pregnant women, I would appreciate it very much, since I cannot work because it is very hot and then my head hurts.

-Edgar on Facebook

In addition to their photo as a couple, they included another where you can see the girl's incipient pregnancy belly. After the publication, it is not surprising that criticisms rained down on him such as: "To make the baby you did not feel hot, nor did your head hurt," and things of that kind, so Édgar clarified that it was all a joke and that he never thought his publication would be so far reaching.

In the first place, he clarified that his girlfriend is not pregnant and that she was only "inflating" her belly in the photo. In addition, he said that he does have a job and that it was all an idea to pass the time, although even though he said it was a joke, the comments against him still continued. In the end, everything was clarified, and his girlfriend will not have to go to work while pregnant.

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