Man Claims to Have the Handkerchief with Which Messi Dried His Tears and Sells It for a Million Dollars

The day Lionel Messi said goodbye to Barcelona, ​​he could not contain his tears. His wife Antonella Roccuzzo gave him a disposable handkerchief to wipe his tears and also his nose, in a very emotional moment that still continues to give something to talk about. However, We have already seen the very smiling Argentine star in Paris, where he will play with his new team.

We do not know how someone could get hold of that handkerchief, but in Mercado Libre Argentina, someone claims to have it and is selling it for nothing more and nothing less than a million dollars, because in addition to remembering Messi's farewell, he says that it contains material that in the future it may serve to "clone" the footballer, an "offer" that a true fan could not resist.

The seller has remained anonymous, but assured that he was at Messi's farewell press conference and when he finished, he took the used handkerchief out of the trash can. In his publication on the sales platform, he commented that it is the "official" scarf and that is why its price is so high. In addition, he said it contains "muco-genetic material" that could allow this player to be cloned in the future.

Obviously, due to the high price, shipping is free to all parts of the world. Perhaps some managers of soccer teams may be interested in buying him, since Messi went to PSG, and they were left with the desire to have him in their lineup. In addition, perhaps in the future, they can have Messi's clone on their court. Anyway, the point is that the price is too high, and it cannot be guaranteed that this is the "original handkerchief," so Mercado Libre decided to delete this publication, which by the way, is not the first.

A group of creatives in Florencio Varela, Argentina, had already launched this handkerchief, with its packaging showing the photo in which Messi wipes his nose and the whole thing, but from the beginning, they clarified that it was a joke, something that the anonymous seller in Mercado Libre has not done. In addition to surprise, Internet users are curious to know who is the one who is selling it, because that way it would be possible to know if he was really at the press conference and that would give greater certainty that it is "the original handkerchief".

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