She Got Drunk and When She Woke up She Owed $ 50 Billion; Worst Hangover Ever

When you pass the drinks, it is common for you to call your ex to tell her that you still love her, end up making a fool of yourself, and get "good vibes" and pay your friends for drinks which probably not only you. It will cause a physical hangover, but the so-called "moral hangover" because you will regret the nonsense you did and the money you spent more on the party.

Although all of the above can cause the headache to be more intense and that you feel a lot of shame, it is temporary because, at the end of the day, your ex is already used to doing the same thing every weekend, so he no longer cares about it. Also, everyone knows that you get "funny" and fall when you are dancing, and those 10 dollars more you spent, well, sooner or later, you will get it back. But what if after a tremendous drunkenness you see that you owe $ 50,000,000,000?

Maddie McGivern lives in Los Angeles, California, and like any young woman she went to a bar with some friends. Not wanting more drinks, she told her companions to keep asking because she would pay the bill, total, what difference does it make to spend a few dollars when you're having a good time? She swiped her Chase bank card, and it looked like everything was fine. The problem was when she got home and checked what she had spent.

At 2:00 a.m., she decided to check the bank's application to find out how much she had spent and what was left of her drunkenness was immediately taken down when she saw that she had a negative balance of almost $ 50,000,000,000, something that not even a superstar could have been spent on a night out. After the surprise came the questions, because it was not possible that she had spent so much and that the bank had allowed her to exceed her credit limit so disproportionately.

Her friend Gabe Flores, who was with her at the party and stayed at her house, shared this story through her social networks, which immediately went viral. Meanwhile, Maddie couldn't get out of her surprise and wonder what she would do with such a debt. After thinking things through, she decided to call the bank to clarify things, before someone came to charge her or the amount rose due to interest.

I wish I could say that I bought the city of Los Angeles. It is not the case. I'm not quite sure what led me to check my bank account at around 2:00 am. I did. And then I saw a negative 49 billion. I called my bank, and it went something like this: 'Hi, I'm from Chase bank, how can I help you?' 'Hello, I have a debt of 50 billion dollars, and I'm not sure why.'


The bank employee informed her that they had had a technical problem that affected some of their bank accounts during the weekend, either by putting balances in their favor, like a woman who had $ 1 billion, and like Maddie. , who would have had to mug Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos to pay off that huge debt on the card. After solving the problem, the amount was updated, and she only owed them $ 681 she spent on the party, but for the inconvenience, they reduced it to $ 76.

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