Man Took a DNA Test for Fun and Found His 12-Year-Old Son Is Not His

DNA tests to confirm paternity are usually requested when there is discord in a couple. But, apparently, an American couple was too bored and decided to have one of these to brighten their days or at least that was the plan.

Donna and Vanner Johnson from Utha bought a DNA test kit, to get out of the rut, but imagine what their surprise was a month later when they got the results and discovered that Vanner was not the biological father of their oldest son.

Their 12-year-old son was conceived in vitro at the IVF clinic, which, given the confusing results of the test, confirmed to the couple that there was an error in the fertilization process of Donna's egg, and it was inoculated with sperm from another donor. 

In an interview with ABC4, Vanner Johnson said that he was very confused by the test results, as he could not understand what he was reading:

When I looked at that page and saw Donna listed as the mother and I as the unknown father, I thought, what did they mean by unknown father.

The in vitro pregnancy process was carried out in 2007 and, given the recent discoveries, the couple is dislocated and outraged by the irresponsible procedure of the clinic, as the consequences of this have destabilized the family:

We have had to overcome many emotions. First, to separate from this issue, our love for our son has not changed. And at the same time, continue to deal with the problem.

The news came to their son after a year. Vanner took him out for a drive and bought him ice cream. The little boy was aware that he had been born by the in vitro method, but that day, Vanner told him that something had gone wrong:

I said that when we did, something happened, and we're not sure what happened, but I'm not really your biological father. And he stops, and he looks forward at the car, it wasn't a crazy look, he just turned to me and looked at me and said 'Really?' And I said 'Yes, and he answered 'yes.

The couple is seeking legal action against the clinic. In addition, after a second test, they identified the biological father, and after several attempts to contact him, they found him, and together they seek a more serious response from those in charge of the hospital. Now the 12-year-old also knows his natural father, Devon McNeil.

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