Mom deletes her daughter's social networks with 2 million followers because "it was affecting her a lot"

Since the Alexandria library fire, nothing like this has been seen: a young influencer lost all her content and followers because her mother decided to delete all her social media accounts. The loss may seem atrocious to the young woman and to everyone, but not to this girl's brave mother, who only watches over her daughter's emotional health. However, the mother does keep her accounts active in networks, as she is also an influencer.

Fernanda Rocha Kanner is a Brazilian mother who, faced with the extreme immersion of her daughter Valentina in social networks, could not do anything other than deleting her accounts. According to Fernanda Rocha, her 14-year-old little girl was affected by the negative comments she received on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. She already had two million followers, whom Fernanda calls strangers and strangers who speak without knowing nothing about her daughter.

In an Instagram post, Fernanda said that her action can be described as unfriendly, but stressed that a mother is not a friend. The situation for her went beyond any disagreement with her daughter, on the contrary, it was about the mental health and healthy development of the minor.

Among her media, there were almost two million followers, dozens of fan clubs, all very sweet but also harmful for any teenager in discovering and searching for individuality.

In the virtual letter, Fernanda addresses followers of Valentina's age, known in networks as Nina Ríos, who had been asking her about the disappearance of her daughter's networks. The mother answered the matter at length and confessed to having deleted her daughter's accounts because she thinks social networks are a mere illusion and that her daughter is not of an age to distinguish reality from fiction.

In short, the responsible mother deleted her daughter's accounts because she does not want her to be one of the many. She is concerned that she does what everyone does and advocates for the individuality and originality of the person:

I don't want her to grow up believing she is this character. I don't want you to advertise flammable polyester clothing made in China. I don't want my bright daughter to do her daily dances like a trained baboon. I think it's fun… and mega insufficient.

It is difficult to fight against social networks, and Fernanda acknowledges that she has received harsh criticism for her action, as she has been pointed out as possessive and authoritarian, but she also says that she has received a lot of support from other mothers. The proof of the difficulty of fighting against the networks is in the publication of this on Instagram to clarify the fact and respond to people who should not take into account. In addition, she herself is part of that illusion by being an influencer who projects happiness, success, and a perfect family in networks.

It may be that the decision was the right one, but Fernanda's only interest is that her daughter "has interesting content to share, [then] she can have an account again." What came next is just a way to add fuel to the fire of the media, social networks, and discussions that lead nowhere. After all, where did Valentina come up with the idea to open profiles on Instagram and TikTok? Aren't there millions of profiles the same or very similar to Fernanda Rocha's Instagram profile too? These are questions that only you can answer.

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