Parents Destroy Their Son's Adult Movies and Magazine Collection; He Sues Them and They Must Pay Him $ 30,441

David Werking's parents in Michigan believed they were doing their son a favor when they threw all their adult entertainment material into the trash, but they never expected him to sue them ... let alone win the trial.

Although they helped him get through a very difficult time in his life, this ungrateful son managed to file a legal suit against his parents Paul and Beth, and the worst thing is that he managed to get away with it. He owes them his life, but now they owe him thousands of dollars for destroying his valuable collection of adult movies and magazines.

In 2016, David divorced his wife and asked his parents to welcome him into their home while he got over the breakup and found another place to live. Being good parents, they opened the doors of their home to him. However, they did not agree that he had a huge collection of adult material.

This 43-year-old man had 1605 erotic movies, more than 50 adult toys, and many magazines with very explicit images. All this was kept in 12 boxes, and his collection had an approximate value of $ 29,000.

After living with his parents for 10 months, David moved again but could not find his collection. His father Paul told him that they had thrown everything away and that they did it for their own good. The son was so upset that he hired a lawyer and sued his parents for destroying his belongings.

This tantrum reached the courts, and after eight months of deliberation, Judge Paul Maloney of Michigan ruled in David's favor. Despite the fact that he was paying rent to live with his parents, they had no right to dispose of his son's belongings.

There is no question that the destroyed property was David's property. The defendants repeatedly admitted that they destroyed the property. The defendants do not cite any statute or case law to support their claim that tenants can destroy property they don't like.

Now Paul and Beth must not only replace the value of the collection they destroyed, but they will also cover their ungrateful son's attorney fees. In sum, they must pay him $ 30,441 and everything for wanting to help him.

Being a parent has become very difficult in this age where belongings matter more than family. Sadly, justice is blind, and when you know how to take advantage of the legal loopholes, these strange abuses occur.

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