Baby Tries to Help On Screen Superhero, Then Breaks TV in the Process

Children are carried away by their emotions no matter what else, so we can hear them laugh out loud, cry as if they were going to run out of tears, or throw a tantrum that lasts for hours because they did not buy a toy. This is natural because they are getting to know the world and still have no limits, so it is best to keep a good eye on them before any misfortune happens.

In China, a little boy who was watching television got so excited when a superhero was fighting a monster that he wanted to give him a hand, so he took some of his toys and started throwing them on television. Sometimes parents leave their children alone to entertain themselves by watching a movie or animated series, but, as you will see below, this can be a serious mistake.

Perhaps the parents of this little boy thought that he would be calm watching television, but they did not count on that he was going to get so excited by the story he was watching that he believed that throwing objects at the screen would help the hero to destroy the villains. He showed a child's naivete and that he is on the side of the good guys, although he is also a good example that parents should not take their eyes off him.

Inside the house, the parents have cameras, and in this way, these images were captured. From the first hit with a toy, it is seen that the television suffered damage, but the little one went for more and attacked again to finish off the villain, while the parents continue to be conspicuous by their absence in this whole "action sequence" of their son, who appears to be no more than two years old.

In social networks, the video went viral, although it had divided opinions. On the one hand, some found what happened very funny, seeing how naive and innocent children are. On the other hand, there are those who criticized leaving such a young child alone because this can be a huge risk, because perhaps the television could fall on him or cause a short circuit or even a fire. With children, you don't know, so we repeat it: it is best to keep an eye on them.

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