They arrest a young Peruvian for not wearing a mask; He talks to his mommy to defend him and she scolds him

The eternal problem during the pandemic is meeting people who do not believe in the existence of the virus, who do not respect the healthy distance, or those arrogant who insist on not wearing the mask. The problem is not only that they refuse to use it, but they also take a very haughty attitude to humiliate those who ask them, as a show of solidarity, to wear it, out of mere respect.

Something similar happened with a young Peruvian, who was detained by the police because he was not wearing his mask. However, instead of obeying directions, he began to insult the officers and make them look influential. To reaffirm his point of view, he spoke to his mother to receive support from his "friends", but when the lady arrived at the place, the "defenseless" boy was surprised because his mother did not defend him or advocate for his rights, on the contrary, he scolded him in front of everyone.

Everything was recorded in front of the cell phone cameras of one of the officers who made the intervention and of a journalist, whom the young man, identified as Luis Antonio Chara, insulted and raised his voice because he considered that an injustice was being committed. he.

What are you going to touch me with! Who do you think you are? You're not even a cop, don't touch me. Mom, they want me to go up to the police station because supposedly I didn't even wear a mask.

—Luis Antonio Chara

In some countries and states, the use of a mask has become an obligation, that is, you cannot be on public roads or public spaces without wearing it. For this reason, one of the functions of some public security elements is to ask citizens for their use or to lead them to face the administrative consequences that this contempt entails.

Mr. Luis Antonio Chara has been walking without a mask and has just verbally assaulted the inspectors and the other gentlemen, both my person. (…) Let me explain, I have to take him to the police station to place the ballot, I am not going to stop him, sir, I am simply going to place the ballot. I will give you your identity document when I place the ballot.


Once the mother came to the young man's rescue, she tried to understand the situation her son was going through, listening to the parties involved. But his little big man kept fuming, and he kept facing people who only gave the explanation of the facts. The young man did not apologize or obey orders and only embarrassed his mother.

A little while, Luis. Please wait. Can you shut up? What is happening to you? You're embarrassing me, behave yourself. The lady works on the news, and you're embarrassing me.

—Mother of Luis

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