How to Give Your Dog a Personal Spa Day at Home| Grooming and Dog Care

As tutors, we offer all the best for our dogs: balanced food, fun, medical care, love, and affection. Still, we always want to please our furry ones even more, even when we're not with them. For that, a dog spa is a great idea!

An animal spa is an excellent option for tutors to leave their pets in a safe and cozy place. Learn more about this form of care with our four-legged best friends below.

Different pet spa services

Bathing and grooming are essential care that every guardian must provide for the pet. However, in a dog spa, pets take special baths and can enjoy other zeals, ranging from moments of fun, relaxation, and beauty.

Each pet spa offers a different catalog, so it's important to research the options to understand what you want your furry to enjoy. Below, see what the most common services are. 

Beauty and care services

It is very important that our pets are clean and well taken care of. That's why the dog spa offers a number of ways to ensure your dog's health and beauty improves!

Special baths

The day of beauty for the animals begins with a good bath. In it, pets can enjoy a delicious moment of hygiene with special products, individually chosen for the needs of each dog.

Coat treatment

In addition to bathing, additional services are offered to make the pets' fur even healthier and more beautiful. Toners, cauterizers, moisturizers and lighteners can be applied to offer a beautiful result for different types of coats.

Grooming and hairstyles

The grooming sanitizes your puppy, in addition to offering a visual treatment! That's why you can count on a pet spa when you want to make your pet look stylish, with a new haircut and some accessories to go with it!

Cut and care for nails 

We cannot leave the "petcure" aside! The pet's nails are cut, filed, and finished with different care, depending on what you choose for your friend.


Health is always the priority! That's why the dog spa also usually has veterinarians ready to take care of the pets and ensure that everything is in order. It's a day of health, beauty, and care!

Entertainment services 

Not only of pure glamor and beauty lives a little animal. Therefore, the services of a dog spa also include different ways for them to have fun, enjoying every second alongside monitors and other four-legged friends.

This is a key part of ensuring your pets have an amazing day at the dog spa . That's because the games are very important for these animals, relieving stress, preventing the accumulation of energy, and providing a moment of relaxation for them.

Relaxation services

After you've been taken care of and had a lot of fun, it's time to relax. At this time, pets can take advantage of some sunlight (early morning or late afternoon) to rest, in addition to receiving specialist care to calm themselves down.

Some spaces also offer the hot tub service, immersing pets in a special bathtub with warm water and other components, such as rose petals or salts. In addition, a massage can be another extra benefit for your pets' relaxation time.

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