Steps to Take When Potty Training a Dog to Go in a Specific Spot

Discipline is a very important part of pet care. During the routine, the tutor must train the pet to learn different things. However, when setting up a correct training, many questions arise, especially about how to teach a dog to do necessities in the right place.

That's why we have prepared exclusive content with tips to help you understand how to teach your dog to do his needs in the right place. These are information that helps build a relationship of trust with the pet and make everyday life more comfortable for everyone.

The importance of training

If you want to learn how to teach a puppy to need to be in the right place, you must keep in mind that constancy is everything. Doing this training every day and from an early age helps the pet to memorize all the information. 

It is important to be very patient with the dog at this time of training. He'll make mistakes, and so will you, but you'll both learn together. With time, you will be able to understand the times better when the pet wants to make the needs to build the routine from that.

How to start training?

The first step in teaching your dog to clean up in the right place is to choose a place in the house as his "bathroom." Then you can line this corner with a toilet mat. There are several models, with different functions and compositions. 

Whenever you notice that it's time for the pet to relieve itself, take it to this corner and wait for it to do its needs. Over time, you will be able to learn how to teach a dog to need to be in the right place without supervision, but it is important to be close in the first few days.

Always try to stick to the routine during training. As it is a learning phase, if this is not done, it can end up confusing the dog, who will need to be done in the wrong places.

Tips for starting training

To help you understand how to teach a dog to do the necessities in the right place, we have separated some tips on how to set up the pet's routine. The first one is to try not to release food all day. By feeding your pet at the right times, you help its body to function better.

It is also important not to make too drastic changes to the house at this time, as puppies tend to be easily traumatized, carrying these fears into adulthood. 

Accessories to help with training

There are some products that can help the tutor who wants to learn how to teach a dog to pee in the right place. In addition to helping with this training, they keep the house clean, without causing allergic reactions to the animals. 

Hygienic mats

These products are great for helping puppies to understand where the needs are. There are two types: the disposable, which is thrown away after use, and the washable, which can be sanitized when dirty and replaced for the pet.

Cleaning products

There are some products that help you clean the environment. In addition, they can eliminate unwanted odors and help the pet identify the right place to carry out needs. Remember that it is important always to create this relationship between the place and the dog.

What to do if training is not working?

Even with constant learning, some dogs are unable to understand how, when, and where to do their needs. To help in these cases, the tutor can acquire trainers or health educators. They have a composition that conditions the puppy to the place he needs to be.

It is also important that the tutor carefully observes the pet's behavior. Often, the refusal to take care of the needs can represent some physical and emotional problems. Therefore, it is important always to have the monitoring of the veterinarian to help in cases such as:

  • urinary infections;
  • territory marking;
  • anxiety or depression;
  • problems with submission or excessive excitement.

With patience and a lot of love, you will be able to understand how to teach a dog to do necessities in the right place. This helps to build even more trust between you. It is noteworthy that these recommendations for puppies are also for older pets.

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