10 Unknown Facts From Small Countries All Around the World

We know that there are several countries around the world, but if we think we know the world map in every corner, we are wrong. Want to check it out? So, see here our article with unknown facts from countries that are little known in the world!

Unknown facts about some small countries around the world


kribiti beach

This is the only country that is located in four hemispheres, namely, North, South, East, West. In addition, it has small islands in the Pacific Ocean.


niue beach
The country is a tiny island that we find in the center of the Pacific Ocean and has 1,200 residents, in addition to a strong bond established with the country: New Zealand. On site, islanders use Disney coins in trade. Some of these coins are worth $ 25 local, the rarest is worth $ 40,000.


Ethiopian Valley

At some point, you must have heard that name, but what you don't know is that the country lives in 2014, that's right, here and in most parts of the world we are in 2021, however, in this country, the year is different due to a change in the calendar. This was because they changed the date Jesus Christ was born, in the 16th century.


Greenland Peninsuela

That name is also known, but what we didn't know and that they don't participate in FIFA championships because they can't play or be part of the organization. There are no fields with lawns in this country, only dirt and ice, which is one of the requirements for participation.


Coaust of Nairu

The country is an island present in Oceania and has no capital, as the well-known Yaren neighborhood has many houses of authorities in the place and is considered as the capital itself by the residents. It is still the nation with the population considered the one with the largest number of overweight people in the world.


Coast of tuvalu beach

"The country receives a lot of money just for letting other countries use the 'water" domain in its country, they are more than 147 million reais.


Nigeria Mountains Cloudy Sky

In Nigeria, there is a tree called Ténéré, an acacia located right in the center of the desert, known as the most isolated in the world. The trees closest to them are more than 400 kilometers away. However, the tree trunk is in a museum since it no longer exists, however, they have placed a metal tree in its place in the desert.


beautiful micronesia view

The local currency of that country is "Rai," similar to a giant disk, and it is very difficult to carry it around, so locals make agreements with traders verbally, but there are still some purchases made with reais.


Estonia Cathedral

This is the country that least believes in religion in the world, less than 20% of the population answered in the affirmative the question: Is religion part of our lives? Unlike Egypt, where there is no doubt.



This is a sparsely populated country, with about 40 thousand inhabitants, and the curious thing is that this is the largest production in the segment of false teeth in the world. In the 2010s, they produced more than 60 million dentures.

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