Top 9 Most Dangerous Surfing Spots Around the World

Without a doubt, surfing is one of the most popular water sports in the world. Although not extremely difficult, surfing can be quite dangerous, especially if surfers venture into high waves, or in areas that are not constantly watched by lifeguards.
Of course, there are also regions inhabited by sharks, where surfing is not generally recommended. In this article, the 9 most dangerous surf spots in the world are highlighted.


dangerous surfing examples
Cyclops is a dangerous place for surfing, which has caused a lot of damage. However, it is likely to be one of the least used places for surfing in the selection because it can only be accessed by boat. It is also a recently discovered wave that offers an extreme depth change, sharp coral, and all the other elements necessary to classify this place in the selection.


Spiral Wave Surfing dungeons africa
Dungeons is located on the South African coast, close to Cape Town. It is considered one of the most famous surfing places on the planet because of the waves' incredible heights that form here. It is also important to note that this place is located close to some of the most shark-infested waters in the world's oceans.


big blue surfing wave
Shipstern Bluff is one of the only waves capable of imitating the views that Teahupoo offers. Surfers are required to wear a 4/3 wetsuit due to the cold. Generally, risk takers are present in this region, as most surfers are aware of the dangers associated with the Shipstern Bluff surf spot.


ginourmous blue surfing wave
Many surfers consider this location to be one of the most challenging surfing areas in the world. It is located in the southwestern part of Tahiti, and includes a sharp coral reef that can easily cause injury or death if surfers fall there. Reports indicate that only one surfer died here, but many others were injured during their attempts to face the waves there


ghost trees surfing spot

The name should be enough to scare most surfers, but many still venture into the waters of the Ghost Trees surf spot. Those who have the courage to do so will have to deal with the cold, shark-infested waters, especially the great white sharks.
Not only that, but the region is also famous for its large boulders, making it the heaviest wave in California. The waves draw their energy from the North Pacific, with waves capable of reaching more than 24.3 meters in height.


realistic surfing wave image
The surf spot is located in what is known as the California Red Triangle. The name comes from the incredibly large number of huge sharks present in the area and other forms of marine life that can become quite dangerous for both novice and professional surfers.
Not only that, but the region is also an intimidating place, due to its cold water. In fact, throughout history, the place has managed to claim the lives of several experienced surfers, like Sion Milosky and more. Low tide at Mavericks has the potential to play and keep surfers underwater for an extended period of time, thus causing drowning.


surreal surfing image
This surf spot is known for incredibly high waves. According to reports, it appears that the surf spot saw its first death in 1943. So far, it has claimed many other lives, from tourists and seasoned surfers coming from all over the world. In reality, the waves here can be as high as 6 meters, measured from the bottom, via the traditional Hawaiian way.


surfing with a paddle
Known mainly by the name of the Mexican Pipeline, this particular surf spot claimed a similar number of lives when compared to the Banzai Pipeline. It is important to highlight that not only unknown tourists were killed by the waves, but professional surfers.
There is also a huge underwater canyon near the coast, which can be very dangerous, especially if surfers fall off their boards. Not only that, but it also encourages the formation of a violent, easily breaking wave on hard sand.


Located just on the north shore of Oahu, Pipeline is currently considered the deadliest and heaviest wave globally. Pipeline has taken the lives of several surfers throughout history, and if the calculations are correct, more lives than all other dangerous surf spots combined.
Not only did it kill novice and medium surfers, but it is also responsible for the deaths of several professional surfers. People started surfing these waves in the 1960s, many of whom lost their lives. Ironically, Pipeline is not so dangerous when it is high, but instead, when the expansion is fast, and it bends over the shallow bottom of the wave. Also, surfers often fall and injure themselves on the coral reef surrounding the coast.

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