8 Exotic destinations the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Families with young children who do not have to attend school often travel outside of the summer holidays, so long-distance trips to warm climes guarantee sunshine. But even during the long holidays, parents are looking for exciting alternatives to the Adriatic and Mediterranean.

8 Exotic Destinations


red buildings in japan

When looking for a special experience, Japan, with its many cultural peculiarities, is right at the top of European visitors' exotic destinations. The interplay of pulsating metropolises and diverse nature with beautiful beaches, mountains and dense forests is fascinating.
The infrastructure is exemplary, especially for families, because the Japanese love children. Playgrounds or amusement parks can be found everywhere, as well as changing tables and children's cutlery in the restaurants. Hardly any other country is so safe and clean.


cambodia hidden buddhist temples
Indescribable beaches and the pulsating capital Phnom Penh: Cambodia promises visitors a unique holiday experience. The friendliness and gentleness of the people make for a more than pleasant atmosphere.
A nice combination for families is a trip to the city of Siem Reap, followed by a beach holiday. The absolute highlight is the visit to the huge temple complex of Angkor. Surrounded by an extensive, 150-meter-wide moat is the largest sacred building in the world, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over 1,000 buildings here form a mystical unit with nature - a magnet for young and old.


exotic image of laos
When looking for a long-distance travel destination for families, Laos is often not the first choice. Because the long-forgotten country in Southeast Asia does not attract with beaches like the neighboring countries. In return, parents spend relaxing days with their children in nature with a high recreational value, as the originality of the country is still largely preserved. If you want to experience more, visit the colonial temple cities or the old royal city of Luang Prabang. Among the natural beauties are the Tat Kuang Si waterfalls.
Due to the monsoons, the best travel time is between October and March, with temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees.


zanzibar beach coral reef
Compared to many other long-distance travel destinations, Zanzibar has a not insignificant advantage for families. The time difference is only one hour, the question of jet lag does not arise. Zanzibar is the perfect destination for water sports enthusiasts, with beautiful beaches and an average temperature of around 28 degrees. A visit to the turtle farm or the Jozani Forest National Park should definitely be on the plan.
The trip's preparation includes the medical precautions: Anyone entering the country may have to prove a yellow fever vaccination, and an emergency medicine against malaria should be in their luggage, even if the risk in Zanzibar is very low.


Seychelles beach boulders rocks
Paradise for young and old: When looking for dream beaches, there is no way around Seychelles. The islands in the Indian Ocean are considered a dream destination for couples, but families also get their money's worth here. The greatest highlight is nature, because the unique flora and fauna - free of dangerous animals or plants - impresses adults and children alike. Highlights for the little ones are a tour with the glass-bottom boat or a visit to the Aldabra giant tortoises, which families encounter in the wild, such as an excursion from the main islands Curieuse Island.

New Zealand

secret hot spring of new zealand
An action-packed destination for adventurous families is New Zealand. The "land of the white cloud" is easy to explore by rental car or mobile home. Glaciers, fjords, penguins, and sea lions: on a kayak tour or hike, holidaymakers see the diversity of the country. For adventure seekers, a parachute jump, bungee jumping, or a jet boat ride is just the thing.
The journey to New Zealand is long, but it is shortened with a stopover in Singapore. New Zealand is a very safe travel destination and therefore, ideal for families.


thailand boats on water
When it comes to vacation destinations in Southeast Asia, Thailand still ranks first. The country has a first-class tourist infrastructure, the density and breadth of the range of hotel classes are excellent for all visitor groups. With its unbelievable diversity, Thailand is the ideal place to start long-distance tourism for parents with their children.
Every family will find the right offer for them here. From beach holiday on the city trip with night markets and food stalls to spectacular nature with jungles and mountains or island hopping and more.


vietnam hand bridge vocation sights
Vietnam has so many different facets, classifying it only as a beach travel destination is a misconception. Without question, beach holidaymakers will find exceptional conditions, but the exciting cities , breathtaking landscapes, and the numerous temples, monasteries and palaces ensure a lot of variety.

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