5 Last Minute Summer Vacation Destination Ideas 2021

I.n this year, spontaneity is required! The Corona Virus has mixed up some plans, especially with regard to vacation travel, and is now encouraging people to rethink. The global situation is changeable, and that's why we're going to tell you with which last minute trips you will experience an unforgettable summer vacation in 2020

Keeping an eye on the pandemic

Spontaneity and holiday joy

vacational view
Anticipation is the greatest joy. But under special circumstances, we can also cope with the fact that our anticipation is a little shorter. Those who do not have a fixed vacation plan can benefit from the last minute travel market.

5 Summer Destinations

1) Germany

2020 is a very good place to go on vacation to Germany. The many sights in Germany give each federal state its individual charm. Whether it's time off, adventure, or family excursions - there is the right destination for every wish: the possibilities for hiking, beach, or relaxation holidays are almost limitless in Germany. In addition, the amusement parks in Germany are gradually inviting visitors again, making them an excellent travel destination. Phantasialand in North Rhine-Westphalia, Heide Park in Lower Saxony, and Europa-Park in Baden-Württemberg are particularly popular. Traveling in Germany - something for everyone!

2) Austria

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Austria shines with a variety of vacation options. If you want to be very spontaneous, simply explore the landscapes with a camper or mobile home. Austria offers its vacationers numerous parking spaces and campsites. But a classic hotel holiday is also possible last minute in Austria. In addition to the big cities like Vienna or Graz, many lakes are also popular travel destinations. Well-known lakes include, for example, the Wörthersee, the Attersee, or the Hallstädter See.

3) Belgium

Explore diverse Belgium in a cozy travel outfit! If you want to book a vacation, you can look forward to medieval cities and breathtaking architecture. The different regions of the country differ in their languages and in their cultural characteristics. There are still some holiday apartments available in Belgium at short notice, which give travelers a lot of freedom. Vacation by the water is possible in the city of Antwerp, while vacationers find big city life in Brussels.

4) Poland

poland school
Summer vacation is also possible in Poland this year. There are also some Corona restrictions there, but many highlights can still be visited. The port city of Gdansk, for example, is worth a visit. Colorful houses, culture, and very good food await holidaymakers here. The inland cities of Warsaw and Krakow also welcome spontaneous visitors again.

5) Greece

greece waterside view
The current travel is different from last summer. Many trips to distant countries are no longer necessary. Should you still be drawn into the distance, you will surely be pleased that holidays in Greece are also possible. During your holiday in Greece, you can enjoy the sun while the thoughts of the pandemic and the stress at home disappear for a few moments

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