Useful Tools Every Woman Traveling Alone Should have

Our goal with the Traveling Woman is to help more women to empower themselves and get rid of the bonds that prevent them from knowing the world. But, some precautions are always necessary.
It is always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve to deal with the inevitable strife or simply to facilitate the experience on any trip. Traveling alone can be even more important.

Check out some super useful tools for women traveling alone:

Internet sim

It sounds silly, but having a cell phone with an internet chip saves life too much when problems arise. Got lost? Internet. Last minute hosting problems? Internet. Need to show life? Internet. Missed the bus/train/ride? Internet.
Traveling in Europe or the United States is quite easy to quickly find a place with wi-fi to help you in these situations, but if you are in less connected places, you will realize how our life today depends on a connection and how everything seems more complicated when we don't have one available.
Usually, buying a prepaid cell phone sim with internet access is something that you can solve quickly and without spending a lot already at the airport or in the center of any medium or large city. You can also buy your chip in advance, to guarantee the connection in the first moments of the trip!

The internet can also be very useful to distract yourself when you are alone in a queue or waiting for transport.

Offline map

offline map when traveling
Even with an internet chip, it is always good to be prepared. And a map is essential for this. As the paper map is now obsolete (but I confess I love it!), There are thousands of map options on the cell phone, and the best versions also have the option of saving the map of a city or parts of it to use when the signal internet connection is not available.
Some options are Citymapper, Google Maps, Navmii, among many others. Usually, these applications have options such as saving routes or places to consult later, in addition to downloading the map itself. It is worth taking a survey before traveling and choosing which one you like best.

Menstrual collector

Well, I'm a number 1 fan of menstrual collector and could spend hours talking about its many advantages, but here I will stick to just two. The first is that you only need to empty the menstrual cup every 12 hours (or a little less if its flow is very intense) and this in a trip is a super hand on the wheel. You can walk all day without having to worry about finding a reasonable bathroom to change the pad.
The second advantage is the space it occupies. You can spend months traveling with the same menstrual collector - after all, it lasts up to ten years - and it will only take tiny space in your suitcase, different from tampon packs. It's okay that you also don't need to stock up on absorbent for all the time in case of long trips, but at least at some point on the route, they will occupy more than you would like, besides that, you will always need to carry some on a daily basis.

Selfie stick

It sounds tacky, but I swear to you that it is necessary to have a selfie stick when traveling alone. You can't always trust other people's skills to take our photos, so better to guarantee a selfie that is a little better than the one we just take by stretching arm.

What did you think of the tips? Do you know another sensational tool? Tell us!

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