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We have more curiosity, concerns, and a desire to interact with others. If you are also considering to start traveling alone and don't know where to start, here is a list of very basic tips that I would have liked to have when I started.

Choose your destination taking into account your comfort zone

If you are a daring woman, who has already lived thousands of adventures, simply choose a destination that inspires you. However, if you feel more insecure, find something easy to start with. If you are a person who never goes out alone, it may also be time for you to encourage yourself to do it, to start the "practices," in your own city. Some of us find it strange to eat out alone and go to the movies alone. But, it's just a matter of habit!

For example, keep in mind that going to a Muslim country or perhaps India for a first solo trip can be very exhausting (even for the most experienced female traveler). Pick a place where you can feel comfortable to start.

Travel light

It may sound cliché, but there is nothing better than being able to move comfortably. You don't need a 23 kilos suitcase for all your destinations. You can perfectly survive with a carry-on bag (the most difficult thing is if you travel to a winter destination, obviously). Take your time to prepare your suitcase or backpack. All of this requires some practice in the beginning. Plan your suitcase wisely and remember that in destinations, there are also stores where you can buy something you may need!

Start staying in hostels

If you have never tried this modality, it is time to try it because to start, and it will be of great help: in hostels, you will be able to meet other solo travelers, and even, who knows, other girls who travel alone
As there are common areas in this accommodation type, you will not feel alone when eating, since you can also socialize with other guests in the kitchen area.

Be cautious: prevention is better than cure

It seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, the more I travel, the more I'm surprised to see people who are very "innocent" (to say the least )! Keep your passport and valuables in safe places (Many hostels have lockers - you can also travel with one, and hotels almost always have a safe) and send a copy of your most important documents to your email (for example, credit cards, to cancel them in the worst case). Try to distribute your money as well. So if you get robbed, you will have a plan B.

Your new best friend: mobile

I always say that what scares me the most when I travel alone is running out of battery! Personally, having my mobile at hand always gives me a lot of security. Forget about social networks for a while and install other apps, before your trip, that may be useful to you.
Extra: Do not forget to take a small tripod or stick a photo selfie to get you out but, remember that your mobile / camera is also a "weapon of socialization." Look around you and see who may also need a photographer and ask that person to return the favor. It's a very simple way to start a conversation.

Seek local support

Many times, it is difficult to understand some cultures. Turn to social media like Couchsurfing or through the Airbnb Experience to meet local people who can give you great advice. Meeting girls like you, who can show you other realities, is fantastic at all levels. Many times you will have both logistical support (practical tricks) and moral support. Sorority to power!

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