Travel Guide: 9 Tips on How to Prepare Yourself for Traveling

Here is a small guide to prepare your trip with maximum ease because sometimes we have our heads more set on vacations, and it is easy to forget something!
You will find all my tips when preparing for a trip. I hope all these tricks help you.

What should you take on a trip? 8 essential things

1. Camera or mobile phone + chargers + memory cards + power bank

Who can travel without wanting to immortalize and share the best moments of their trip? We travel with more and more electronics to be able to capture those little moments.

2. The right clothes

What do you have to take into account when choosing the clothes you will wear? First, check the weather at your destination and then plan well what you are going to take so as not to overload. 

3. Thin raincoat / Sunglasses

Time can still be treacherous! Add a small raincoat and sunglasses in your suitcase that can always come in handy.

4. Documentation + Cards + Copy of them in your email or Dropbox

Check what documentation you need to bring to enter the country. Here he explained how to apply for visas, what to take into account when contracting travel insurance, or which vaccinations may be mandatory to enter certain countries. My recommendation is always to keep a digital copy of all your documentation and send it to the mail or your Dropbox as security.

5. A backpack or suitcase + Small lock

Here I give you my recommendations to choose between a backpack or suitcase for your trip, but it is also advisable to carry a smaller backpack or bag that you will later use in your day to day life. Carrying a small padlock with digits can also be very useful both to protect what you carry in your suitcase or backpack or for the lockers that many times they put at your disposal in hostels.

6. Towel + Swimsuit + Flip Flops

Although most hostels or hotels always provide you with a towel, having a small or microfiber beach towel can be interesting. A swimsuit does not usually take up too much space! The flip flops are multipurpose: in hostels, they are perfect for shared showers (and thus avoid fungus), they are the perfect slippers for walking around the house or on the beach. Never without my flip-flops!

7. Mask + Plugs

Both for the trip and where you go to sleep, a simple mask and some earplugs can save your life, and that is, rest, in my opinion, is something sacred when you are on vacation.

8. Reusable water bottle


Staying hydrated while traveling is essential. In my recent trips, I have become accustomed to carrying a reusable water bottle, and the truth is that in addition to great savings, it is also a point in favor of the environment so as not to have to spend so much plastic.

9. Power adapters + power strip

With so much technology, having plugs when we return at night to charge all our electronic devices is essential, which is why lately I have become used to carrying a power strip. It is also essential to know if you are going to need an adapter.

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